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Pundi started selling its XPOS X2 crypto payment product on Amazon

June 9, 2020

Pundi X Labs, which is dedicated to projects like liquidating crypto assets, has announced this through its official account at Twitter This means that sales from the “Pundi XPOS X2” portable POS ATM via the Pundi X system are accepted at Amazon.

XPOS, a Singapore-based system licensed from the country’s Financial Services Agency, offers dedicated cards and terminals in collaboration with financial institutions.

The introduced businesses can pay with more than 20 payment options such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Nem in virtual currency. It supports one-touch payments with NFC apps and cards and makes seamless payments in about 9 seconds, even with Bitcoin.

35,000 yen is the current price with free shipping

Pundi started selling its XPOS X2 crypto payment product on AmazonPundi started selling its XPOS X2 crypto payment product on Amazon

Payment can be made using the special XWallet application or the NFC XPASS card. The current price for the Amazon product is 35,000 yen and shipping is free. You can use the “X Wallet” mobile application developed by and the “XPASS” NFC card to easily complete the payment.

If this terminal is introduced, it will be relatively easy for a manager to implement crypto asset billing. Even if you don’t have detailed knowledge, you can install digital money in shops, services, stalls, etc.

PundiX’s crypto asset payment technology is widely used worldwide. Last July, PundiX’s Crypto Asset Payments were added to the VeriFone product, which provides over 35 million payment devices in 150 countries around the world.

Since it has been reported that the technologies are integrated, there are high expectations for their spread in the Japanese market. The payment rate via XPOS is less than 0.5%. In October 2017, Pundi X raised over $ 4 million (400 million yen) in the ICO pre-sale announcement.

“Buying cryptocurrencies should be as easy as buying a bottle of water.”

Buying cryptocurrency should be as easy as buying a bottle of water. This sentence is the official slogan of Pundi X. And there is no term that better defines the project or the path cryptocurrencies have to take in order to achieve mass acceptance.

At the beginning of 2018, when the market started to empty after the spectacular rally in 2017, Pundi X met expectations and was able to raise $ 35 million to ICO in just 90 minutes.

It is not for nothing that Pundi X can become a key element for the success of the entire blockchain ecosystem. The interesting thing about this project is that it can become the perfect bridge for the rest of the cryptocurrencies to reach billions of people who would otherwise take much longer to meet them.

The goal of this ambitious company was to set up a gigantic network of outlets that would make it easier for enthusiasts to access the crypto economy. Traders and more and more users to get the full launch of cryptocurrencies as soon as possible.

This project of Indonesian origin was also launched with the great aim of giving the bankrupt population of Indonesia, the vast majority, access to financial services. The same model can be replicated in areas of Africa and South America, it is undoubtedly a virtually infinite market niche.

Pundi X also offers a simplified wallet to users, and the strength of this project lies in the weakness of many others.. The long and expensive learning curve of an average user poses more obstacles to new people entering the crypto world. With Pundi X, this curve becomes much smaller and more bearable.