Protests, barricades and clashes in Bolivia after Morales’s electoral victory


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Morales insists on his victory in the first round and promises “to continue working for the good of society”


The detractors of the Bolivian president, Evo Morales, have continued this Friday, for the fifth consecutive day, with the “permanent mobilization” in which they have declared themselves to achieve a second electoral round, which has caused new altercations in La Paz and other cities from the country.

Protests, barricades and clashes in Bolivia after Morales’s electoral victory
Protests, barricades and clashes in Bolivia after Morales’s electoral victory

The image with which the Government Palace has dawned, in La Paz, symbolizes the political climate in Bolivia. Several accesses were cut, a situation that has been repeated in other parts of the capital, with barricades erected by protesters.

In addition, several marches are expected to take place in the next few hours, including one that is proposed to be reached by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE). The electoral courts have been one of the targets of the attacks these days. Protesters have set fire to some locations.

In Cochabamba there have been clashes between supporters and opponents of Morales in which sticks and explosive devices have been used, according to the local newspaper 'Los Tiempos'.

In cities such as Santa Cruz – opposition rivals -, Sucre, Oruro, Potosí or Tarija, the protesters maintain the “civic strike” of the last days, leaving closed shops and roadblocks, according to 'The Duty'.

Thus, the national director of the Special Force for the Fight Against Crime (FELCC), William Cordero, has indicated that the police remain quartered. “We are in a state of listeza”, said in a press conference collected by the official news agency ABI.

Cordero has detailed that the FELCC has been deployed throughout the country to work on “the attention of criminal cases and crime prevention, especially in marches.”

The protests broke out last Sunday over the sudden suspension of the transmission of the election results just when the difference between Morales and his main rival, Carlos Mesa, was less than ten percentage points, which would have forced a second round. When he resumed, more than 20 hours later, the trend had reversed.

Mesa has denounced that it is underway “a gigantic fraud” by the Government to, supposedly, manipulate the official results and prevent a second round in the Morales could be defeated by a united opposition around the former president and former vice president, who has competed as a candidate of the Citizen Community.

Morales on Thursday proclaimed his victory before the final results were known, which were published hours later and, with 99.99 percent of the scrutiny completed, give the current president 47.07 percent of the votes against 36, 51 percent of Mesa, so there will be no second round.

The opposition has rejected the official results, because it believes that they do not correspond to the real vote, and has declared itself in “permanent mobilization” until obtaining a ballot.

Morales has ruled it out. “Last night and this morning we have informed ourselves that the official calculation is over and we won in the first round in all Bolivia in these elections,” he has proclaimed from Cochabamba. “Thank you very much for the support and now we have to continue working for the good of society,” he stressed.

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