Pros and cons of doing business with your partner

These are some ups and downs of working with your romantic partner. Maybe now you want to think twice?

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What are the pros and cons of working with your partner? Take note.

Pros and cons of doing business with your partner
Pros and cons of doing business with your partner

More and more couples decide to start a business together. But how good is it to work with your better half? Carol Roth, a collaborator and who worked with her husband for more than 10 years, shares her experience. Here are some ups and downs of starting a business with your partner:

The good

Trust is no problem

Do you work with your partner? Then you don't have to worry about trusting her fully for any business related matter. To share a business it is essential to have confidence in the partner and, at least in theory, your partner is one of the people that you can rely on the most. What better basis than that to start a successful project?

There is empathy

Enterprising marriages share many points of view, so they live up and down similarly. They have a lot of empathy and support each other. This makes it easier to overcome, or at least, make a heavy day at the office lighter.

Time and energy savings

The reality is that finding a business partner can be exhausting. The process of reviewing endless resumes, conducting interviews and not even having the guarantee that the relationship will work … Discourage just thinking about it, right? Working with a partner translates into a great saving of money, time and energy by eliminating this part of the process.

Deeper connection

It is almost a fact that working together projects will deepen your bond , and therefore strengthen your relationship. Of course, if they know how to separate work and private life issues.

Share transport for work

Admit it: saving gas doesn't hurt anyone!

The bad and the ugly

Not everything is pink: working with your romantic partner also has its disadvantages. How could things get complicated?

A (very) thin line

If they don't have all the care in the world, business problems could easily move to the personal level and vice versa. Differentiating between the problems of private and professional life can be a real challenge.

Protection at work

For many couples who run a business it can be difficult to maintain a firm. And, at work, couples usually protect each other. Think about it: would an employee risk telling his boss that his wife is doing things wrong?

Lack of financial diversification

Working in the same business causes a family to put all their “financial eggs” in the same basket. If the business stops working or something happens unexpectedly, the income of both can be seriously threatened. Families with double incomes have the possibility of covering themselves in this aspect.

Too much time together?

They say that missing once in a while is beneficial for a couple. It is a reality that marriages that are together every second of the day run the risk of getting bored or fed up. Some couples appreciate having some mystery and independence in their relationship.

So, for the question “is it a good idea to start a business as a couple?” There is no right answer. Only you can know if your relationship will pass the test of working together, and only you can define the terms of the business . Evaluate these points calmly before making a decision!

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