Proptech company accepts bitcoin for investing in real estate projects in Mexico

Real estate technology company La Haus (proptech) announced that it will accept Bitcoin for the investment process in residential projects in Mexico via the Lightning network with the Bitcoin processor OpenNode. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement.

As they explained, La Haus makes it easy to buy a home with technology and data, and allows users to complete the acquisition process – from finding the property to paying the down payment – through a computer or mobile device.

The relevance of this initiative is largely due to the fact that Bitcoin has grown almost 500% annually compared to the US dollar. This currency has gained particular acceptance in Latin America due to its advantages in terms of convenience and security for transactions and investments, and allows to address clear problems in the region: inflation and the high percentage of people neglected by banking or without a bank accountâ? ? ??, highlighted by La Haus.

Proptech company accepts bitcoin for investing in real estate projects in Mexico
Proptech company accepts bitcoin for investing in real estate projects in Mexico

On the other hand, The Haus announced that Jehudi Castro-Sierra, who served as Colombia’s presidential advisor on digital transformation, has joined the company as Vice President of the Future. Castro-Sierra was also Vice Minister for Digital Economy in Mexico, holding positions in companies such as Oracle and Red Hat

“We are firmly focused on building social well-being through access to quality housing for millions of families in Latin America, through technology, data and our world-class service,” said Rodrigo Sánchez-Ríos, President of La Haus

– As we are expanding rapidly in the region, alternatives like Bitcoin are helping us overcome some of the barriers to buying new homes with local currencies. We are sure that Bitcoin and real estate investing have excellent synergy, ”he added.

Jehudi Castro-Sierra expressed: “Bitcoin, made possible by Lightning, enables global and instant transactions in a very efficient and secure way. The house connects to this open and inclusive currency network using cutting edge technology to expand options and provide a better experience for its customers. Innovation is part of our DNA, we will continue to explore initiatives around Web3, tokenization and disintermediation. “

“Buying real estate with Bitcoin is a perfect use of cryptocurrency, a global payments network designed to optimize value transfer,” said Kevin Adekayode, Head of Operations at OpenNode.

“We are excited to work with La Haus, a forward-thinking company transforming one of the most important but least innovative industries in the world, a team that is not satisfied with the status quo. Together, we look forward to harnessing the power of Bitcoin, a proven route to secure, instant, compliant, and traceable transactions, ”added Adekayode.

The Haus will start this initiative with Bitcoin to invest in the Kahaal Condominium, a new luxury real estate development in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. The company expects to extend this alternative to all items in its catalog, which includes more than 80,000 items.

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