Pronatura and Gochain are teaming up for a pilot project in blockchain technology

Pronatura Noroeste AC, the northwest branch of Mexico’s largest and oldest environmental organization, and GoChain, a global leader in blockchain solutions for businesses and governments, announced that they will be working on a pilot project that strives for marine conservation and sustainable fishing on Pronatura, which would be based on blockchain technology.

In a press release from GoChain, he stated that they want to use blockchain technology and other technological solutions to support the marine and sustainable conservation of Pronatura Noroeste.

The two companies will initially work together on a twelve-month pilot project in coordination with two cooperatives on the west coast of Baja California, Litoral de Baja California and Eripac, and their projects to improve the fishing for red lobster and sea urchins (FIP). respectively.

Pronatura and Gochain are teaming up for a pilot project in blockchain technology
Pronatura and Gochain are teaming up for a pilot project in blockchain technology

The aim of this pilot project consists of three basic principles. The first is to evaluate the value and benefits of blockchain technology for granular tracking and tracing purposes, as well as remote monitorability in relation to existing solutions.

The second is to help fishermen speed up the schedule to obtain sustainability certifications on a profitable and highly subsidized basis.

And finally, strengthening and improving the livelihoods of local fishermen and potentially creating new market entry opportunities.

Projects to improve the fishing process

Regarding each of these fisheries improvement projects Pronatura Noroeste, together with the participating fishing cooperatives, will work with GoChain to use the blockchain track and trace system. To help the fishermen in their tracks.

Now qualified fishermen will be on board as part of GoChain’s GAPS (Global Acceleration Program for Sustainability) initiative, which GoChain recently launched to support non-certified small producers and collectors worldwide with their sustainability and certification requirements.

Pronatura, the oldest conservation organization in Mexico

Every project they carry out has common protection goals and objectives across northwest Mexico. To achieve sustainability in the region and to preserve its natural capital.

They combine nature conservation with community development and perform fundamental tasks such as: restoring and maintaining ecosystems, monitoring the sea, improving fisheries, governance in nature reserves, environmental education and protecting endangered species.

They also work in the ecoregions of the Baja California peninsula, in Sonora, Sinaloa, Nayarit, on the western slopes of Chihuahua, Durango, Jalisco and Colima, in the Gulf of California and its islands, as well as in the exclusive economic zone of Mexico’s Pacific, corresponding to the named coastal states.

GoChain and the blockchain

GoChain’s blockchain protocol coupled with GoTrace software enables every step from source to consumer to be recorded in an immutable, distributed ledger. This results in a safe and transparent seafood story that consumers, regulators and other stakeholders can trust. The margins for fishing are improving.

Consumers trust what they eat and build relationships with trusted brands. Regulators can take action against fraud.

In anticipation of the progress and outcome of the first pilot project, GoChain and Pronatura Noroeste expect to identify additional initiatives and opportunities to leverage GoChain’s GoTrace system with other programs for the conservation and sustainability of the Pronatura Noroeste fisheries across Mexico.

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