Productive Quarantine: The 5 positive aspects of coronavirus in the business and professional world

Like every challenging experience (and I know a lot about that) the coronavirus comes to teach us at least three things.

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Productive Quarantine: The 5 positive aspects of coronavirus in the business and professional world
Productive Quarantine: The 5 positive aspects of coronavirus in the business and professional world

Human beings are adaptive; that is to say that, before that primary and reptilian feature of confrontation or flight, some choose to escape or assume what is happening and act.

In the midst of the global pandemic these days, the coronavirus comes to challenge many beliefs that we have about the world, distances, the butterfly effect (the impact that a small flutter has on the other side of the world and how it affects us within us) and also in the business environment and as professionals.

“China is very far away; there they live very crowded; here it does not arrive; they are exaggerating; there is no possibility of it touching us ”, maybe you were saying or listening a few weeks ago.

And yes, it came. And here we are.

Like every challenging experience (and I know a lot about that) the coronavirus comes to teach us at least three things:

  1. That we are totally vulnerable to situations
  2. That we have absolutely no control over anything
  3. That letting ourselves be influenced by fear and lack of discernment is worse than fear of the coronavirus itself.

How many coronaviruses do you have in your life?

The Covid-19 is a reality, and also a construction that each of us makes in the theater of the mind. The influence of collective fear is one of the most effective mechanisms of social control, affirm the sociologists and philosophers of all time.

I am not denying or minimizing its forcefulness and seriousness ; I'm just inviting to look at this from other perspectives:

  • What do I have to learn?
  • Do I need to isolate myself from situations and relationships that no longer work for me?
  • Does a strong virus have to come to realize how ephemeral the passage through the world is?
  • Is a pandemic episode what we as humanity need to start changing everything that exterminates our planet?
  • Am I prepared to live 45 days 24/7 with my partner, family or friends … or alone with me?
  • And each one could continue wondering and reflecting if you really want to improve human existence.

The good news is always

It is fair to recognize that, just as there is a negative impact of this pandemic, there are also encouraging news about it, those that usually occupy much less space in the media and in our conversations.

Without denying the impact and virulence that it has, the BBC and other media have synthesized the good news in this regard in many coverages: it is known who is the coronavirus, how it is transmitted and who it affects mainly, how to detect it, it is making progress in various prototypes of vaccines, rapidly (and joining several countries, something unprecedented until now in the world of laboratories and scientists developing medical solutions). We also know that in China the situation is improving, that 80% of cases are mild, the virus is labile (it is easily inactivated), and that there are already more than 200 scientific reference articles.

Tips to survive your quarantine

We are in a VICA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Changing and Ambiguous), a subject that I am passionate about and that you will find a lot of material that I have written. How to get stronger? With individual and collective resilience .

To the economic and financial catastrophe that entails the cancellation of thousands of flights, events and the gathering of people, border blockages and periods of preventive medical observation, these five aspects will help us to be resilient:

1. Finally imposed! the home office

Even the smallest organization sends its employees home to work as best they can. It is a reality that remote work will accompany us for some time until the coronavirus begins its slow withdrawal.

Buckets of water have appeared when the fire is indoors. For example, we observe that in companies they have a lot of similarity to state policies, where in almost all countries the coronavirus also revealed the lack of really forceful protocols, authorities that do not minimize the facts and make hollow speeches and lack of good sense. professional.

From a professional perspective we can add that, perhaps for the first time, outdated companies and organizations are taking new forms of work seriously.

Half forced by the circumstances, they have released their workers hostages in offices without ventilation, without daily disinfection and without preventive measures so that, finally! the possibility of remote and more flexible work can be established.

2. Know yourself

Everything we live is a mirror of what we need to learn. The coronavirus teaches us, with its power and capacity for extermination, that, if we continue to look the other way for ourselves, for our environment, for ecology and sustainability, for affections, colleagues and the people who give us the opportunity to work , the world is slowly ending.

This is a refundational moment for humanity. Like every borderline situation that we thought was a fictional movie.

Here are some ideas:

  • Practice what you post in motivational memes on your social networks. This is the time to take it into action.
  • This is a good time to practice what I call “verbal ecology,” which includes silence and thought management at the subconscious level. By not being able to gossip with others, stay more focused and learn a lot about the internal process.
  • Being in quarantine possibly implies a new dynamic in your day, and I suggest that you take advantage of integrating healthy home habits, such as talking, turning off the cell phone, closing your eyes and breathing 10 minutes without haste and with soft music (meditate or mindfulness, whatever you prefer ), return to the affectivity that we had abandoned, and see how I feel when I work remotely, without the gossip, without the coffee to pass the time, without the need to appear, without violent communications.

In other words, being an authentic person. How do you get along with that?

4. Improve productivity

The office environment has a culture created by the company you belong to or by yourself when you work on your own.

Quarantine can teach you how to organize better, organize all work matters, respond quickly to emails and be respectful to everyone who endures you; to wish good intentions for yourself and others, to be more patient with others (who will now be remote and will not have the option of being close to each other for a while to 'infect' both your good and bad energy)

Let's see the positive part of the matter: I suggest that you take advantage to redesign your organization systems and prepare for what, perhaps, has no turning back: you who wanted free days working from home, it is possible that the genie of the lamp tell you: “Granted!”

5. Don't decrease your performance

Something that can happen in many professionals is that they feel lost, evicted and abandoned by “company dad / boss mom”, in the obligation of having to work remotely, alone, and barely connected by Internet and telephones.

If you have not emotionally emancipated yourself from the sources to which you have given your power, you are in serious complications; Because as much as there is an active support network, you will no longer have excuses to show what you are or are not doing: you will be exposed with the reports that you do not deliver on time, with your emotional imbalance due to feeling alone, and the inability to working as a team when you don't have everyone face to face.

That is to say, by force, you may discover the soft skills you need to communicate better, be empathetic, have patience, politely address others, among other aspects.

The war at home

Just as the world is waging a battle to overcome the coronavirus, your emotional balance may be challenged as you realize that the greatest war is not out there, but inside your home or square meter that you have total power over, influence and impact.

The suggestion is that you activate your own emergency protocol, with some basic rules of this new form of coexistence while you work at home; and that they be discussed, agreed, debated and fulfilled starting with you.

That being the case, working at home will mean that you look for a specific place to settle and that you maintain the appropriate productive routines to continue as long as possible as long as necessary.

What we can be sure of is that, if you give yourself the opportunity, beyond the pandemic, we will not be the same again, neither as people, nor as professionals, nor as companies. We will have learned very valuable lessons that will accompany us the rest of our lives. And this is another of the good news.

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