Princess Mako leaves Japan’s imperial family after marrying commoners

Princess Mako of Japan officially stopped being part of the country’s imperial family after marrying Kei Komuro, a non-high society colleague from the university, on Tuesday.

The Imperial House of Japan presented the necessary documents to a city government on Tuesday so that the couple can register their marriage, the Japanese radio television network NHK points out.

Princess Mako leaves Japan’s imperial family after marrying commoners
Princess Mako leaves Japan’s imperial family after marrying commoners

The wedding was not determined by the traditional imperial ceremony reserved for family members, as it was with this connection that Mako marked his departure from Japanese high society.

Both will appear in front of fifty media outlets at a Tokyo hotel all day, though journalists have been asked to ask their questions in advance.

Mako, eldest niece of the current Emperor Naruhito and eldest daughter of Crown Prince Fumihito, has finally reached years of tension over the connection with Komuro.

One of the points of conflict was the dispute over Komuro’s mother and one of her old fiancés over money that was partly used for the boy’s education. This affair so dominated the Japanese tabloid press that it led to the postponement of the wedding date originally planned for 2018.

In April, Komuro issued a statement attempting to correct public misunderstandings about his mother’s financial situation. Shortly after the statement was released, Komuro offered to make a payment to her mother’s ex-fiancé to help settle the currency dispute.

To this matter come the inherent terms of the wedding, since with the connection Mako would have to leave the imperial court, as it eventually happened.

Although the princess is entitled to a substantial amount of money for her departure – more than a million euros – Mako waived this dowry in order not to arouse popular animosity, in a decision unprecedented in the history of post-war Japan.

In addition, the Imperial Household Office issued a statement in early October stating that the princess had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder due to repeated public criticism.

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