Prince Enrique sues several newspapers for alleged ‘hacking’ of his phone


Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex, has initiated legal action against the owners of the British newspapers 'The Sun', 'Daily Mirror' and the missing 'News of the World' for allegedly 'hacking' his phone.

Buckingham Palace has confirmed that documents have been filed for a lawsuit for the alleged interception of voice messages, as collected by the British television network BBC.

Prince Enrique sues several newspapers for alleged ‘hacking’ of his phone
Prince Enrique sues several newspapers for alleged ‘hacking’ of his phone

At the moment, they have not transcended more details about the demand, which could be traced back to a telephone interception scandal in the first decade of the 12th century.

The case resulted in a prison sentence against an editor of 'News of the World' and a private investigator for intercepting voice messages left to real advisors. The princes Enrique and Guillermo, as well as Kate Middleton, were named among the victims.

A spokeswoman for News Group Newspapers (NGN) – who publish 'The Sun' and 'News of the World' – has confirmed that “a lawsuit has been filed” against them on behalf of the Duke of Sussex.

The announcement came just a few days after the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, initiated legal action against the newspaper 'Mail on Sunday' after this media published a handwritten letter that she sent to her father, with whom she has no relation .

In a statement, Prince Enrique stressed that he and his wife had been forced to take this step because “there is a human cost to this tireless propaganda, specifically when it is known to be false and malicious.”

“As a couple, we believe in freedom of the press and in an objective and honest journalism. We consider it a pillar of democracy and, given the current situation in the world, at all levels, we have never needed more responsible media,” he said. .

Therefore, he stressed that the “illegal” publication of the letter also took place in an “intentionally destructive” way to “manipulate” the readers.

“They deceived you on purpose by strategically omitting select paragraphs, specific phrases and even some words to mask the lies they have perpetuated for over a year,” he said.

The Duke of Sussex also said that “his greatest fear is that history repeats itself”, referring to the death of his mother, Princess Diana of Wales.

“I have seen what happens when someone I love is commercialized to a point where he is not treated or seen as a real person. I lost my mother and now I see how my wife falls victim to these same powerful forces,” he said.

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