Portugal has another day with no coronavirus deaths

The Portuguese Ministry of Health reported this Friday that there have been no deaths from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, keeping the total death toll at 16,999.

This is the fourth day in just over a month that no deaths have been recorded from the disease, with 450 more positive diagnoses this time. A total of 841,379 deaths were accumulated, of which 802,285 correspond to recovered patients.

The General Directorate of Health (DGS) has announced that 236 people with symptoms of the coronavirus have still been admitted to Portuguese hospitals, 72 of whom are in intensive care units.

Portugal has another day with no coronavirus deaths
Portugal has another day with no coronavirus deaths

The DGS has detailed that two out of three cases diagnosed this Friday come from the northern region and the Tajo Valley, with 157 and 141 positive results, respectively. The rest is distributed among the 32 infections in Madeira, 32 in the Algarve and 29 in the Alentejo and Azores and another 28 in Central.

The values ​​of the risk matrix, which governs the progress of the reopening plan or not, are continued with variable records as the portability index has increased slightly but is now at 0.95, but the incidence continues to decrease up to this point 50.3 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

UK tourists, on the flip side, can revisit Portugal this Friday after Portuguese authorities lifted restrictions on non-essential travel between the UK and Portugal despite a negative coronavirus test.

According to a government source to which the Portuguese newspaper “Público” had access, the measure will be officially added this Friday, including the United Kingdom, to the “list of countries whose epidemiological situation allows any type of travel”.

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