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PornVisory says their new governance system is better than DAOs

August 12, 2020

Cryptocurrency porn startup PornVisory moves in decentralized governance structure based on the DFO standard (decentralized flexible organization).

According to PornVisory DFO governance enables token holders to propose changes and vote on governance issues that are the subject of a community vote. Platform users must mint native Ethereum-based PVY tokens on the platform Access to the government system.

The announcement will be made shortly beforehand of the first drop of air from the PVY token of the company scheduled for the end of this month.

PornVisory says their new governance system is better than DAOsPornVisory says their new governance system is better than DAOs

DFOs are chain organizations that are very similar to autonomous decentralized organizations and further emphasize the ability of a community to design services.

The founder of PornVisory, Veronica Noschese, said Cointelegraph that while A DAO maintains some control over users, All aspects of the remote application can be changed with a DFO.

Noschese stated that DAOs allow the community Set the DApp configuration parameters. during DFOs Allow them to change the code thanks to a modular structure. So he said that the church even can determine the algorithms that control the ecosystem:

“In a DFO, users can vote anonymously and are resistant to censorship because the code can be stored in the chain and is readable by everyone forever.”

Noschese closed This decentralization motivated your company to move into the blockchain space. Said he believes that users are important to any business, that’s why they wanted them to be in control.

As Cointelegraph reported in late May, PornVisory plans to reward its users with tokens for viewing adult content on its platform. Tokens can be used Pay for premium content, interact with models on a live streaming platform, and spend in specialty stores.

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