Pompeo suggests that Ir á n has “undeclared nuclear material or activities”


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has questioned Iran's cooperation with international inspectors on Tuesday and has suggested that this raises questions about “possible undeclared nuclear materials or activities.”

The head of US diplomacy has raised concerns about the “lack of full cooperation” of the Iranian regime with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and has linked its current behavior with a “pattern of lies” dating back 40 years back, to the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

Pompeo suggests that Ir á n has “undeclared nuclear material or activities”
Pompeo suggests that Ir á n has “undeclared nuclear material or activities”

“The world will not fall for that. We will deny the regime all the means to achieve a nuclear weapon,” Pompeo said in a message posted on Twitter.

Washington thus adds to the doubts expressed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who denounced on Monday the existence of a new installation for the development of nuclear weapons by Iran, although he clarified that Tehran proceeded to its destruction after confirming that had been discovered

The IAEA confirmed on Monday that Iran has doubled the number of advanced centrifuges it has to enrich uranium, thus ratifying the announcement made yesterday by the Islamic Republic's nuclear agency as part of the abandonment of the commitments contemplated in the 2015 pact.

In recent months, the Government of Iran has been abandoning several of the commitments contemplated in the nuclear agreement, exceeding the limits set in nuclear matters, although it has stressed that it remains willing to comply with the agreement if the rest of the signatories compensate it for the sanctions North American

The agreement sets strict limits on uranium production that Iran can use to supply its reactors or to refill nuclear warheads. In exchange for those limitations, economic sanctions against Tehran were suspended but the United States decided to abandon the nuclear agreement in 2018 and has re-imposed sanctions against the Ayatollah regime.

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