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Pompeo says that the main objective of the US is to avoid war with Iran, but defends the “deterrence”

September 22, 2019

NEW YORK, Sep 22 (Reuters / EP) –

The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said on Sunday that the main objective of the United States is to avoid a war with Iran and that the recent sending of US troops to the Persian Gulf is for “deterrence and defense.”

Thus, he has expressed his confidence that President Donald Trump will take action if that deterrence has no effect and that is well understood by the Iranian rulers.

“Our mission is to avoid war. You have seen Secretary of Defense Mark Esper announce on Friday the sending of additional troops to the region for deterrence and defense,” Pompeo explained in an interview with Fox News. “If that deterrence continues to fail, I also trust that President Trump will continue to take whatever measures are necessary,” he said.

Tension has increased after the September 14 drone attack against two major Saudi refineries that cut daily crude oil production in half. The attack was claimed by Yemeni Huthi rebels, but Washington and Riyadh point to Iran, which denies any involvement.

On these attacks, the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, declared on Sunday at CNN that they were an “attack on the world economic system” and said that any country linked to the US monetary system should comply with the new sanctions imposed on Iran.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia prepares a diplomatic offensive for the annual session of the UN General Assembly that begins this week in New York and in which many world leaders will participate. Even some voices already speak of the formation of a “coalition” to deal with Iran.

Riyadh could present evidence of Iranian involvement to demand greater sanctions and punishments against Iran. “Saudi Arabia will present the case as a devastating attack and a permanent threat to the global economy,” explained a source from the Persian Gulf.