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Pomp launches new venture fund and says: “You will never regret betting on yourself.”

September 11, 2020

Anthony Pompliano, Co-Founder of Morgan Creek Digital, announced the launch of a new fund based on its own personality and brand.

“Today I am announcing a new revolving fund backed by a group of successful investors in Silicon Valley and Wall Street,” said Pompliano in a September 11 blog post. “This revolving fund structure gives me maximum flexibility, which I believe will provide a significant advantage when investing in early-stage technology companies.”

Pompliano plans to open a single personally liable shareholder fund (GP) as a sole proprietorship. Essentially, Pomp is turning himself and his brand into a fund to invest in startups while receiving outside investment.. “One of my guiding principles has always been: ‘You will never regret betting on yourself’,” said Pompliano.

Pomp launches new venture fund and says: “You will never regret betting on yourself.”Pomp launches new venture fund and says: “You will never regret betting on yourself.”

The innovator described “smooth solo GP fund structures” as a new possibility for people with independent brands and awareness. The big YouTubers and influencers are a good example. They often have a large following, sponsorship, and content based on themselves as individuals, in the middle of the industry in which they are providing content. That business structure turns these people into investment companies who can then turn around and use that money for other funding opportunities, Pompliano explained.

This business move makes sense for Pompliano, whose personal brand has reached a significant size. Among his efforts, Pompliano has a well-known podcast as well as a Twitter presence with an audience of nearly 370,000.

Pompliano mentioned a changing atmosphere on the horizon that will fuel the growth of people as business units and individual capitalists, as he formally called them, which will bring a number of changes to the overall picture of the business world, including an emphasis on individual identity.

“The best part is that these fund structures greatly improve the average person’s access to the venture capital asset class. Any accredited investor can now invest with me instead of the option of only being open to large institutions. We may not be able to to decentralize the world, but revolving funds bring us one step closer to the ultimate goal. “

An expert in the field of cryptography, Pompliano is also a big proponent of Bitcoin, known for its classification of Bitcoin as an uncorrelated asset independent of traditional funding.

UPDATE September 11, 15:18 UTC: This article has been updated.

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