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Pomp explains why the mainstream markets are on the rise in chaos

June 4, 2020

Even in the face of recent unrest, protests, and uncertainties, the main financial markets are in the United States. USA show rising prices due to global forcesAccording to Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital.

“Yes, there are protests, there are all these things, but the greatest force is the fact that all of these shops are now opening.”, Pompliano said on June 2nd in a series of “Meal allowance“on his YouTube channel, “There will be more economic activity and there should be a recovery in this data.”

The economy works again

After weeks of ordering refugees and protective measures against COVID-19, many states in the United States. You are currently setting parameters for the reopening of companies, public services and the like.

Pomp explains why the mainstream markets are on the rise in chaosPomp explains why the mainstream markets are on the rise in chaos

However, in recent days, demonstrators, rioters, and everything in between have roamed the streets of many cities.and expressed disagreement over the death of numerous citizens by the police.

America’s main markets seem steadfast, The Dow Industrial Average, or Dow, a traditional market indicator, is still recovering.

The economy “fell off a cliff in terms of economic performance because we all sent home for about 10 weeks”Pompliano explained “Now we are suddenly starting to reopen the economy”he added, leading to his remark about the greater force that market movements are about.

In the midst of the riots, the price of Bitcoin has finally risen. Most recently, there was an enormous increase on June 1, followed by a massive decline on June 2.

The markets have no feelings

CNBC’s in-depth comment by Jim Cramer, in which Cramer noted the lack of awareness of the stock market, Pompliano explained that The market has no emotions, people can be emotional about their investments and operations, but the market itself has no feelings.

“What is happening now is that people are speculating about the reopening of the economy.”Pompliano said about the rising market.

He further explained:

“They speculate that there will be a recovery in the future. They see that all stocks are rising. When prices rise, as we have seen, all FOMO manifest and buy more and more, and prices rise. You also apply the impression Federal Reserve money. “

Several recent indications also show growing interest in the cryptocurrency spacePaul Tudor Jones, for example, announced the addition of cryptocurrencies to his properties about a month ago.