Pomodoro: The super simple technique that will make you give up time

What would happen if we moved the millimeter precision of the kitchen to our workspace? For that this technique.

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Have you ever used those timers in the form of vegetables for cooking? They are ideal to remind you to turn off the pan before your stew burns, boil an egg for the right time or take the pizza out of the oven at the right time … not one more minute, not one less.

Pomodoro: The super simple technique that will make you give up time
Pomodoro: The super simple technique that will make you give up time

What if we moved this millimeter precision from the kitchen to our workspace? The timer that allows you to calculate the cooking time of a pasta can also help you be more productive in your work. Or at least that is what Francesco Cirillo thinks, the creator of the so-called Pomodoro Technique , so popular that it has already been adopted by dozens of companies around the world.

In 1990, Cirillo was a business student at the Guido Carli International University in Rome. It was there that he discovered the enormous impact of setting a time for each activity. “I was easily distracted, I felt I couldn't focus,” he explains. “So I decided to challenge myself: study for 10 minutes without interruption.” He used a tomato-shaped kitchen timer to record the exact time.

He took several tests, but with practice and repetition, this tool improved his study process. Eventually, 10 minutes of focus became 25. A couple of years later, he used the timer in his work as a software developer for a European bank, and found that it strengthened his productivity . He named his system the Pomodoro Technique.

Cirillo shared the idea with his co-workers, who found it extremely useful. After several years of making observations and adjustments, he found that the 25-minute work session maximized attention and minimized the chances of being interrupted or distracted. He wrote a free book to share his technique (you can download it from his website ). To his surprise, it was downloaded more than two million times!

By dividing work into regular and repetitive intervals, entrepreneurs reduce anxiety, improve their ability to concentrate and strengthen their determination to meet goals, says Cirillo, who in 2010 created Pomodoro workshops to help startup owners make use Cash of your time. These are five simple steps that will help you get started:

1. List your tasks

At the beginning of each day, choose the things you want to do and write them on your list of earrings.

2. Set a time for each activity

Start with a 30-minute session, consisting of 25 uninterrupted minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest. Set the timer to 25 minutes and start the first activity. Position it so that you can clearly see how much time you have left. When the alarm sounds you must finish. Mark the activity with an “x” in your list of slopes.

3. Take a break

When the timer sounds, stop working, even if you are convinced that you can complete the task in the following minutes. “This 'break' of 3 to 5 minutes will give you the time to disconnect from work, ” explains Cirillo, who suggests using this time to do something good for health. Take a short walk, maybe?

4. Repeat

After each pomodoro, mark with an “x” each task you have completed. Take a short break and start the next activity. Every 4 pomodoros takes a longer rest, about 15 to 30 minutes.

5. Review the results

Examine your list of earrings at the end of the day: it will reveal valuable information. The number of “x” placed after each task will help you estimate the time it will take you to complete future projects. It will also help you measure your productivity: the number of pomodoros you complete each day will reflect how much time you really focus on your work.

“Applying the Pomodoro Technique in a small business is a win-win solution,” explains Cirillo. “Business owners have the opportunity to objectively observe their work processes and find areas where they need to improve.”

And you, what technique do you use to concentrate on work?

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