Poloniex adds DeFi Decentr tokens

Crypto Exchange Poloniex is expanding its innovation zone with another DeFi token.

The crypto exchange Poloniex announced that it has added the DeFi Decentr token to its DeFi Innovations Zone.

Decentred, an immutable platform that collects and secures user data, enables people to monetize their internet activity. Your native sign DEC is used to buy and sell data and, according to Poloniex, “helps determine the value of user data”.. These can gain or lose the value of personal data or POS due to positive or negative interactions within the Decentr platform. Positive PDV increases the output value of DEC tokens.

Poloniex adds DeFi Decentr tokens
Poloniex adds DeFi Decentr tokens

DEC is the last DeFi project Poloniex has added. The crypto exchange said that The addition of DEC is part of their continued support for DeFi projects.

Poloniex recently announced that it will add operations based on the U.S. election months before it starts in November 2020.. TRUMPWIN and TRUMPLOSE have been added to its innovation zone. With assets, people can bet on election results.

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