Police use tear gas and water cannons in a new day of protests in Hong Kong


Hong Kong Police have used tear gas and water cannons this Sunday to try to disperse protesters in various parts of the city, protests that have led to riots again and in which some of those present have thrown bricks and cocktails Molotov.

According to information collected by the local newspaper 'South China Morning Post', the Police have used riot police near the headquarters of the Government, one of the subway stations in the town and the Causeway Bay area.

Police use tear gas and water cannons in a new day of protests in Hong Kong
Police use tear gas and water cannons in a new day of protests in Hong Kong

Thus, the agents have shown a black flag to warn about the use of tear gas at Wan Chai station, in which several protesters had thrown Molotov cocktails and to which officers of the Special Tactical Unit had retreated.

Police have published a statement confirming the use of tear gas in Wan Chai and Admiralty, while highlighting that they have used a “minimum force” to disperse “radical protesters.”

In this regard, he has called on protesters to depose protests and has condemned the use of violence by some of them. Finally, it has recommended that the population not approach the aforementioned areas of the city.

Hong Kong has been the scene of protests since June. They began with the aim of curbing a law of extradition to mainland China but in these three months they have been increasing until claiming a democratic opening.

The Government of Carrie Lam finally agreed to cancel the controversial law and has called for a national dialogue to respond to the discontent of the Hong Kong people, but has refused the other demands, which contemplate universal suffrage.

Demonstrations have increased in participation in recent days, coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the 'Central Occupy' movement, which prompted the protests of the so-called 'Umbrella Revolution'.

These mobilizations represent the biggest challenge for Hong Kong since the 2014 Umbrella Revolution just when the Communist Party of China (PPCh) is preparing to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China.

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