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Police say the London terrorist met all conditions of probation

November 30, 2019

A British policeman on the London Bridge after the attack. – REUTERS / DYLAN MARTINEZ

LONDON, Nov. 30 (Reuters / EP) –

The head of the British Police Anti-Terror Division, Neil Basu, has confirmed that the person responsible for the attack on Friday at the London Bridge respected all the conditions of his release from prison where he served a previous conviction for a crime related to terrorism.

Basu wanted to settle a controversy about the situation of the terrorist, which led the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to request full compliance with the penalties for this crime.

Also, Basu has confirmed that five people have been injured in the stabbing, two more than in the previous balance. The death toll is kept at three, counting the attacker himself, killed by police shots.

The head of the anti-terrorism unit has confirmed that the person in charge, identified as Usman Khan, 28, acted alone.

Khan was convicted of terrorism-related crimes in 2012, Basu confirmed hours earlier, before assuring that a “key” line of the investigation is to establish how he carried out the attack.

Specifically, Khan pleaded guilty, along with eight other men, to conspiring to bomb the London Stock Exchange, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey in 2010 inspired by Al Qaeda, and possessed a handwritten list with names and addresses of other potential targets, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, mayor of the city at that time, as detailed by 'The Guardian'.