Police maintain siege of the Hong Kong Polytechnic amid riots in support of students

Disturbios en Hong Kong


About 500 students are trapped on campus, where water begins to run out


The Hong Kong Police maintain their siege at the Polytechnic University after the arrest last morning of 40 protesters and amid serious disturbances between agents and protesters outside the campus that have turned the Kowloon neighborhood into a war zone.

Police maintain siege of the Hong Kong Polytechnic amid riots in support of students
Police maintain siege of the Hong Kong Polytechnic amid riots in support of students

The university has become the scene of strong clashes between protesters, who have set fire to the main campus access, and agents, as reported by the public television network RTHK, which are already the most violent riots in the Last five months of protests.

The arrests have taken place next to the Icon hotel, near the campus. Shortly before 7 am (local time), the university's rector, Teng Jin Guang, announced that he had reached a ceasefire agreement with the Police if the protesters ceased the attacks.

Teng has said he expects protesters to accept the proposal to temporarily suspend actions and leave the campus peacefully.

The president of the Polytechnic Student Union, Ken Woo, has denounced that between 70 and 100 students have tried to leave the campus, but the police used tear gas against them and were forced to return inside the university facilities.

Woo estimates about 500 people trapped inside the enclosure and has warned that they still have water, but food is beginning to run out. He has also ensured that there are several seriously injured or with symptoms of hypothermia due to police attacks with water cannons.


Meanwhile, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in support of the hundreds of students locked in the Polytechnic and radical groups have confronted the Police in the Kowloon neighborhood, turned into a war zone on Monday night, according to picks up the public television hongkonesa.

Protesters dressed in black have thrown dozens of Molotov cocktails against the agents in an attack against the police cordon that surrounds the Polytechnic and the agents have responded with abundant tear gas and blue-dyed water cannons to identify those responsible.

Medical personnel have begun to evacuate dozens of injured from the Polytechnic on Monday night and others have escaped by hanging with ropes by the bridges of the university. The injured have been identified by the Police before their evacuation, but several protesters have managed to flee before the agents detected the leak and launched tear gas at the site of the breach. The protesters responded again with bows and arrows.


Several Asian airlines have canceled their flights to Hong Kong in the context of strong protests in the special Chinese administrative region.

The suspension of the flights took place after the police made use of tear gas against protesters trying to escape from the university, while others armed themselves with Molotov cocktails in an attempt to deal with the agents.

The Garuda company flights have been reduced to four at the weekly level of the 21 planned, while SpiceJet has canceled its route between Bombay and Hong Kong until January. AirAsia, meanwhile, has canceled flights from Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu for the next few months.

A spokesman for Philippine Airlines has explained that the company is using smaller planes than are usually used because many of the passengers are postponing their trips for security reasons.

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