Police break into a mall in Hong Kong taken by protesters


The Hong Kong Police have broken into a shopping center in the city of Sha Tin where dozens of protesters have gathered on Sunday in the context of continuing protests against the government of the former British colony.

Hundreds of protesters have marched through Sha Tin on a new day of protest during which they have thrown a Chinese flag into a river and caused damage to the train station before some were recruited into the New Town Plaza.

Police break into a mall in Hong Kong taken by protesters
Police break into a mall in Hong Kong taken by protesters

Police have monitored the protest without intervening until protesters have taken positions in the mall building barricades with the panels and causing significant damage, according to the 'South China Morning Post'.

Sha Tin train station has had to close, while Airport Express, the main railway connection service to Hong Kong airport, has restricted its services. Throughout the night, it has only taken passengers in the center and has only allowed those who had airline tickets to board.

On Saturday there were already riots in which the police used tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters in the Tuen Mun park, where another local protest was planned. In addition, groups of supporters of China withdrew messages against the Hong Kong Government in the 'Lennon Walls'.

Hong Kong has been the scene of protests since June. They began with the aim of curbing a law of extradition to mainland China but in these three months they have been increasing until claiming a democratic opening.

The Government of Carrie Lam finally agreed to cancel the controversial law and has called for a national dialogue to respond to the discontent of the Hong Kong people, but has refused the other demands, which contemplate universal suffrage.

These mobilizations represent the biggest challenge for Hong Kong since the 2014 Umbrella Revolution just when the Chinese Communist Party (PPCh) is preparing to celebrate its 70th anniversary on October 1.

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