Poland’s government party wins Sunday’s legislative margin by a wide margin

The leader of the Law and Justice party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski – Omar Marques / SOPA Images via ZUM / DPA – Archive

Get 45.2 percent of the vote and an absolute majority is guaranteed in the lower house

WARSAW, 14 (Reuters / EP)

Poland’s government party wins Sunday’s legislative margin by a wide margin
Poland’s government party wins Sunday’s legislative margin by a wide margin

The government of Poland Law and Justice (PiS) has won the legislative elections this Sunday with 45.2 percent of the vote, which guarantees an absolute majority in the lower house, according to official data of the Electoral Commission with the count to 83 percent of the votes counted.

The main opposition party, Civic Platform, which brings together liberal and center parties, has been in second position with 26.1 percent of the vote.

The victory of the PiS will increase the concern for respect for democratic standards in a country in which the Government has been criticized for politicizing the judicial system, controlling public media and promoting division within Polish society.

The second term for the Polish government party could be a boost for politicians opposed to immigration in the European Union, willing to back down the liberal agenda of the community bloc.

The government formation in Poland raised legislative elections as a choice between traditional Catholic values ​​in Poland and a liberal order that would undermine family values. Critics with the Warsaw Executive accuse the PiS of boosting homophobia in its election campaign, with senior party officials denouncing the LGTB movement as an external influence that threatens Poland's national identity.

“We have saved Poland. It is time to complete the decommunication. It is time to put an end to the LGTB dictation!”, Proclaimed the Vice Minister of Digitalization of Poland, Andrzej Andruszkiewicz, in a message posted on his social network account Twitter

The progressive alliance The Left has won in the elections the support of 12.1 percent of the electors, while the PSL agrarian bloc and the Kukiz 15 anti-system movement have remained at 8.8 percent.

The ultra-right-wing Confederation party has managed to exceed the threshold and will have parliamentary representation, thanks to the support of 6.7 percent of the voters, according to the partial results already known. “The most important thing is that we have achieved our goal. From the beginning our plan was to achieve the majority,” said Polish Vice Premier Jacek Sasin on Monday to statements to the Polish private television network TVN24.

According to Reuters estimates, the PiS will get 238 of the 460 seats that make up the Sejm, the Lower House of the Polish Parliament, although the distribution will also depend on the results obtained by the other formations.

The Eurobonds of Poland have increased their value on Monday after knowing the results of Sunday's legislative elections, the Polish currency, the zloty, has started the day at 4.3 euros, almost unchanged compared to late Sunday. The Warsaw Stock Exchange has registered a slight drop of 0.4 percent at the opening of the session.

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