Poland condemns the attempt by around 150 migrants to enter its territory “by force”

The deputy director of the Polish Interior and Administration Ministry, Bartosz Grodecki, condemned the attempt by around 150 migrants to invade Polish territory “by force” as part of the worsening migration crisis on the border with Belarus.

Speaking to TV Polsat News, Grodecki added that although this was the main attempt of the night, “there have been more attempts to cross the line” for which he has indicated the Ministry of the Interior is “ready” to do his Presence in the area.

For its part, the Ministry of Interior announced that the migrants’ experiment took place in an area called Bialowieza. In a series of messages on his Twitter account, he stated that “the attack began by throwing objects at the soldiers and then attempting to tear down the fence,” for which the soldiers “fired warning shots into the air”.

Poland condemns the attempt by around 150 migrants to enter its territory “by force”
Poland condemns the attempt by around 150 migrants to enter its territory “by force”

Border guards and police advanced into the area, whereupon the situation “calmed down”. “The Belarusian border services have transported most of the migrants deep into the forest,” he added.

On the other hand, it was also pointed out that in the vicinity of the Szudzialow area “a soldier was attacked by migrants” who was “struck in the chest with a branch”. The soldier shot in the air and the attackers “withdrew”.

In this context, Grodecki warned against further attempts this evening, as the military presence was reduced on the occasion of the celebrations for the independence march. “One of the scenarios is a possible night attack on the border,” he warned. If the armed forces “operate on two fronts”, the authorities would be “weaker”.

For Grodecki, “this whole situation is a choreography of something bigger”, although it has the effect that “the instrumentalization of migration is not a new phenomenon”. “Belarus has taken advantage of migrants and created an artificial migration route,” he said before discovering that migrants travel to Belarus for amounts between $ 3,000 and $ 12,000 (more than EUR 2,600 and more than EUR 10,400).

He also accuses Belarus of “undermining the credibility and values ​​on which NATO and the European Union are based”. “But I’m glad you speak with one voice today,” he said.

Thousands of people are crowding the Polish border, the result of what the Polish government, the EU and NATO have described as an orchestrated action by the government of Alexander Lukashenko. Dozens of people entered Poland irregularly on Tuesday night, which is still armored with around 15,000 soldiers.

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