Please eat pizza in your car

Contrary to what everyone says, Jim Joseph says that disorder is part of being an entrepreneur.

The opinions expressed by employees are personal.

In in Spanish , we have always tried to show you different opinions so that you, entrepreneurs, through multiple experiences make your own opinion. Next, we will present the opinion of Jim Joseph, who says that eating pizza in your car and leaving coffee stains on documents are part of this entrepreneurial journey.

Please eat pizza in your car
Please eat pizza in your car

Every time I have had the opportunity to have a new car I always promise myself the same phrase: nobody can eat in my car.

I have the terrible habit of having breakfast, lunch, dinner and dirtying everything while driving. No matter how hard I try, the moronas escape from the envelope and find a way to rest in the most remote places of the car.

What's more, I dare you to give some children a couple of snacks, you'll see how the car looks like it had a big party inside it, of course with mini cookies instead of beer cans.

So you will prove me right: there is nothing better than the smell of a new car and the feeling of releasing it. So I want to keep it, therefore: refrain from eating inside it.

And well, this thought lasted me a month since a large piece of pizza went through me while driving. It was there that what I tried to preserve was defeated by a large spot of pepperoni.

And not only do I talk about the car, I also tried to do it with my desk every week. I started with a strict cleaning regulation every Monday. It seems he was just trying to make room for a larger stack of papers that same afternoon.

Well they say that the best winner is the one who loses better and good, I am the best, I accepted my defeat. I can not stay clean.

But you know what? It's okay. Life at home and at work is dirty. You can't avoid having food in your car and the same thing happens on your desk. Accept it!

You have to eat inside your car, it is part of the trip. Not only is it effective, it also helps you better organize your time. It's like when you go on a trip with the family, are you going to stop moving snacks from side to side while they talk? I do not think so.

Also, having a snack in traffic makes it lighter. Checked.

As for my desk, I have learned that busy people have busy desks. Although we already use less paper because we are saving most of our files on the computer, it is the same.

Live your life and get 100 to your work!

Share a sandwich in your car, stain your leaves with some coffee. Embrace life, with everything and a little dirt. The worst thing that can happen to you is sticky fingers, don't you think?

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