Playlist: Music to sleep peacefully

We give you a selection of melodies and sounds with which you can relax and rest to continue to succeed.

This is because the stress of the day (week, month, year) raised your blood cortisol levels . When the body feels in danger, it releases a hormone that puts the systems on alert and literally ready to run and flee from danger. When we weren't evolved, these responses came in the face of a predator and catastrophe. However, now they happen under the stress of everyday life.

Since we are not running away from the stress that working life causes us (at least we should not), we have to develop adequate mechanisms to reduce the levels of cortisol in the body, otherwise we risk suffering problems in the immune system, pain in joints, depression, weight change, risk of cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Playlist: Music to sleep peacefully
Playlist: Music to sleep peacefully

Some methods to get rid of the so-called “stress hormone” are to drink less coffee, exercise regularly, reduce sugar levels and, of course, sleep more.

The en EspaƱol team put together some melodies and ASMR sounds that will help you sleep in a single playlist .

Put on your headphones, play and get to sleep like never before! Follow us on Spotify as MX .

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