Players can get skins of their favorite soccer teams

The famous online video game from Epic Games will launch a new line of skins starting January 23rd, in which club teams like Manchester City and AC Milan will participate.

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Players can get skins of their favorite soccer teams
Players can get skins of their favorite soccer teams

Epic games is responsible for the study Fourteen daysThis has recently shown that it is capable of creating content in collaboration with other franchises, as has been the case with it Marvel, star wars And until Travis Scott.

This time it comes with the surprise of the development of Skins related to great sport, soccer. Of January 23Users can find the skins of their favorite teams like AC Milan, Juventus or Manchester City. The gesture too “Celebration of PelĂ©”whose inspiration is based on the Brazilian.

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Certainly, Epic games masters dealing with the topic with new content in Fourteen days. The creator always manages to expand her gaming community, which has allowed some of her competitors to take advantage of it, such as: PUGB, Apex or Valorant.

It’s worth noting that users have the option to choose Skins Men and women represent the team they want, including more than 23 skinsThey can come from Manchester City FC, Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, AS Roma and West Ham United FC.

Among the wide variety of Skins which you can find on the following dates:

  • Manchester City FC
  • Juventus
  • AC Milan
  • Inter Milan
  • AS Roma
  • Seattle Sounders FC
  • Atlanta United
  • Los Angeles FC
  • Santos FC
  • Wolves
  • West Ham United FC
  • Sevilla FC
  • Sporty CP
  • Borussia Monchengladbach
  • FC Schalke 04
  • VFL Wolfsburg
  • Rangers FC
  • Celtic FC
  • Osaka cherry
  • Melbourne City FC
  • Sydney fc
  • Western Sydney Wanderers
  • EC Bahia

Epic Games’ famous Battle Royale Fortnite can be downloaded for free for PS4, PS5, Xbox One Series X / S and PC via a launcher from the developer. Ready to play?

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