Platzi expects you to pay up to $ 40,000 to study

The Platzi Olympics is a series of programming, digital marketing, social media, and English competitions to celebrate the motivation to never stop learning, among other things.

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Platzi expects you to pay up to $ 40,000 to study
Platzi expects you to pay up to $ 40,000 to study

The pandemic has created a number of barriers for people, but it has also spawned ideas for promoting professional success, educational innovation, and the advancement of economies. To stay motivated by the constant hunger for learning and growth, PlatziThe online education platform launches the Platzi Olympics, a series of competitions including programming, digital marketing, social media, English, and entrepreneurship that Platzi celebrates the motivation to never stop learning Jackpots up to $ 40,000.

Platzi will provide students with more than 15 competitions with different challenges of one day, one week or multidisciplinary. Developed so that students can make the most of the knowledge and skills learned on the platform. The challenges range from creating infographics or animations for social networks, creating digital marketing strategies, preparing a speech in English or creating a small film, to creating an online store with a disruptive model and other challenges that focus on the Focus on business growth.

The powers of Olympic Games Platzi They will take place from February 25 to March 11, 2021. Students can register from February 18. At the end, a group of specialized juries evaluates the creations of each participant and examines the quality of execution ideas, the ability to solve challenges and the specific skills of each activity. Finally, the winners will be announced on Platzi Live on March 11th.

“We Latin Americans dare to stand our ground, and the simple fact of taking the risk to keep learning and sharing our knowledge is already a win,” said Freddy Vega, CEO of Platzi, of the Olympics.

Pick a competition and bring your Olympic knowledge out with the challenges. Just visit to learn more about the competitions, choose the one that’s right for you, compete for cash prizes of up to $ 40,000 and join this new wave of learning.

“Without a doubt, 2020 was a year of uncertain times for everyone. Now 2021 started at a dizzying pace, but the desire to build, create and never stop learning lingers in the minds of more than one, and we want them to take advantage of it. At Platzi, we believe in the potential of our students to build and grow from knowledge and we are sure that the way to start this journey is with effective online education. Initiatives such as the Olympic Games in the Platzi are an essential part of contributing to the economy of Latin America should become a digital and entrepreneurial economy, ”concluded Vega.

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