Piñera orders its ministers to put their positions at their disposal to reshape the Executive

The president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, has ordered this Saturday to all his ministers to put their positions at the disposal of the president in the first step for the configuration of a new Executive that responds to the demands of change requested by the population after days of protests throughout the country, while it has begun to raise the curfew in several regions of Chile.

“I have asked all the ministers to make their positions available to be able to structure a new cabinet to be able to face these new demands and take care of the new times,” the president confirmed in an appearance collected by the newspaper 'La Tercera'.

Next, Piñera has asked the Chilean Congress to support the “enormous effort” to undertake to implement the “broad and deep” reform program requested by the population.

Piñera orders its ministers to put their positions at their disposal to reshape the Executive
Piñera orders its ministers to put their positions at their disposal to reshape the Executive

Piñera, minutes before, had ordered the lifting of the curfew in Santiago after the “exemplary” behavior demonstrated by the million citizens who took to the streets of the country on Friday to express their criticisms of the government's economic policy in peace.

“We have seen a message that was very present in the souls of Chileans, as they have expressed it with an eloquence that has reached us all. Yesterday's march was a strong message. A message from a vast majority of Chileans asking a fairer, more supportive Chile. We all hear that message. We have all changed and are with a new attitude, “he said.

However, Piñera expressed his desire to “end the state of emergency as soon as possible” minutes before the FF.AA. The country will begin to announce the gradual uprising of the curfew, especially in Santiago.

“During the course of the days, the Metropolitan Region has reached normality rates, both in the operation of the city and in the lives of the inhabitants, achieved thanks to the contribution of all citizens. In consideration of the above, it has been evaluated that the current conditions allow to resolve that there will be no curfew in the metropolitan region of Santiago from this moment, “said the Army in a statement.

The president added that “if circumstances permit, I intend to lift all states of emergency from 24 hours this Sunday.”

The curfew has also been lifted in the Biobío Region, in Coquimbo, Los Lagos and in the cities of Antofagasta and Calama. Thus, Arica, Iquique, Alto Hospicio, Tocopilla, Mejillones, Valparaíso Region, Metropolitan Region, Concepción, Talca, Valdivia, Coquimbo, La Serena, Antofagasta, Calama, Osorno and Puerto Montt will not have a curfew on Saturday 26.

So far, the O'Higgins Region and the Maule Region, in addition to the city of Copiapó, have not yet announced the suspension of the measure.

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