Pfizer announced that its vaccine is 95% effective in older adults too

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced this Wednesday that its vaccine has a high percentage of effectiveness. Hence, it will apply for the necessary marketing authorization.

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Pfizer announced that its vaccine is 95% effective in older adults too
Pfizer announced that its vaccine is 95% effective in older adults too

According to a statement from the US pharmaceuticals PfizerThe final results of the large-scale clinical trial that involved more than 43,000 people showed that the vaccine they developed in collaboration with BioNtech was 95% effective against COVID-19. Even in adults over 65 years of age, it was over 94%.

For this reason, according to Albert Bourla, Executive Director of Pfizer, the necessary approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be requested in the next few days to start marketing the vaccine.

It is estimated that production of approximately 50 million vaccines will be achieved worldwide and later this year. Up to 1.3 billion vaccines are expected to be manufactured by 2021.

In doing so, Bourla added that “with hundreds of thousands of people around the world infected every day, we urgently need to bring a safe and effective vaccine into the world”. In addition, the announcement was made while contagion cases continue to rise in both the US and other parts of the world.

It’s worth noting that this vaccine (BNT162b2) was made from a new messenger RNA (mRNA) technology. Thanks to this, the cells are “instructed” to make copies of the coronavirus spike protein, thus stimulating the production of antibodies that can protect the body.

It is estimated that around 50 million vaccines will be produced worldwide and in the further course of the year / Image: NurPhoto | Getty Images

And although the pharmacist did not provide any further details about it, it has been reported that no serious side effects have been reported (the most common being the feeling of tiredness from the second injection). However, these results have not been evaluated by independent experts.

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