Peruvian stablecoin launched on Stellar blockchain

The financial services company ANCLAP has launched a stablecoin called “Sol Digital” (PEN) in Peru, which runs on the Stellar blockchain. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement.

“The Peruvian Sol in digital format, interoperable and supported 100% in local currency, enables you to conduct efficient transactions in a global digital network with the possibility of exchanging it for any other digital asset, so that you can pay for free or top up the money immediately and transfer it can be transferred to a traditional bank account if necessary, ”the statement said.

“Anclap is adding Peru to its Latin American expansion plan, which began in early 2020 with the Digital Peso (ARS) in Argentina. with the aim of generating an ecosystem that enables people and companies to act in an agile and economical manner in a digital world, ”they added later.

Peruvian stablecoin launched on Stellar blockchain
Peruvian stablecoin launched on Stellar blockchain

On the other hand, they said that El Sol Digital (PEN) is supported by local currency and is available on the Stellar network to be integrated with any platform.

“Today it can be purchased from wallets such as and and converted into any other type of foreign currency such as the Argentine peso (ARS), the Brazilian real (BRL), the US dollar (USD) or the euro (EUR). , among other things, ”they explained.

Which cryptocurrencies are popular in Peru besides Bitcoin and Ether?

Anclap co-founder Iván Mudryj said:

“The digital PEN opens the boundaries of the Peruvian market, allowing locals and businesses to send and receive payments, exchange values ​​with anyone else in the world in all kinds of currencies in minutes and at very little cost, always with the Peruvian sol for reference”.

Since 2017, Anclap has focused on building a digital, open and global payment network that connects the financial systems of Latin American countries to the world via the Stellar Blockchain.

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