Peru reports a 26 percent decrease in COVID-19 cases

Peruvian Health Minister Óscar Ugarte reported this Wednesday that the country had seen a 26 percent decrease in the number of coronavirus infections, indicating a downward trend in terms of the occurrence of the pandemic.

According to the Health Portfolio Epidemiology Information Center, to which Ugarte referred, “the previous week compared to the previous week the number of new cases of infection decreased by 26 percent,” adding that it is something that has passed over time has been sustained for the past four weeks.

Therefore, he went on, “there is a noticeable decline in the second wave” of the pandemic. The health officer has also stated that the number of deaths has decreased and although there has been an upswing over the past week, “this is not part of the overall trend, which is the decrease.”

Peru reports a 26 percent decrease in COVID-19 cases
Peru reports a 26 percent decrease in COVID-19 cases

Ugarte has also reported that vaccination against the coronavirus will be suspended on the weekend the second round of the presidential election is due to take place, that is, Friday 4th, Saturday 5th and Sunday 7th May.

This is due to the fact that many of the voting centers in the vaccination schedule are used to give the injections. “We will therefore not make any crossings that could affect one or the other activity,” the minister reported in detail to “Handel”.

Regarding the latest assessment of the coronavirus situation in the Andean country, health officials reported 2,456 new positive results this Wednesday, as well as 119 hospital discharges and 264 deaths due to the disease.

For example, 1,903,615 cases have been recorded in Peru, of which 1,847,981 have been rescued and 67,034 have lost their lives.

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