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Peru exceeds 12,000 coronavirus deaths

July 14, 2020

The Peruvian Ministry of Health reported on Monday that the country has 12,054 coronavirus deaths out of a total of 330,123 cases across the country.

In addition, there are 11,897 hospital patients, of whom 1,314 are in intensive care with mechanical ventilation, according to the daily government bulletin.

The metropolis of Lima remains the area with the highest number of COVID-19 infected with 165,611 positive cases, followed by the province of Lima with 11,513 cases.

Peru exceeds 12,000 coronavirus deathsPeru exceeds 12,000 coronavirus deaths

“To prevent the spread of Covid-19, the government recommends staying at least three feet from another person, wearing face masks, and washing your hands frequently,” the bulletin concludes another day.