Peru: COVID-19 proves the abandonment of indigenous communities in the Amazon region

In May, when the situation in Peru became critical, I knew that I had to return to my country. I was in the middle of responding to another epidemic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo so this decision was difficult to make. I didn’t want to jeopardize my intervention, but I felt that it was my duty to be next to me (this time).

With air borders closed on all sides and flight restrictions in Africa and Europe, my way back to Peru was long and full of setbacks. I finally landed in Lima on June 11th. She came alone to make the initial assessment and suggest an intervention.

I had not worked in Peru since 2010, but thanks to the support of the health authorities and other stakeholders and former MSF colleagues, I was able to receive relevant information in a very short time (three weeks), travel if necessary, and make a proposal.

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