Peru and Venezuela are reestablishing diplomatic ties by appointing two ambassadors

The government of Peru and the government of Venezuela have resumed diplomatic relations with the appointment of two ambassadors who have received the appropriate “approval” Alexander Yánez Deleuze as representative of the Caribbean country on Peruvian territory and Richard Freddy Rojas as Peruvian envoy in Caracas.

The foreign ministries of both countries announced the decision to appoint Yánez, former Venezuelan ambassador to Bolivia and who held other positions in the executive branch of Nicolás Maduro, as the new Venezuelan ambassador to Lima.

Peru and Venezuela are reestablishing diplomatic ties by appointing two ambassadors
Peru and Venezuela are reestablishing diplomatic ties by appointing two ambassadors

The Andean country has thus resumed relations with Venezuela, having previously recognized Carlos Scull as Venezuelan ambassador to Peru, the envoy of the self-proclaimed “responsible president” of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó. However, according to the Prensa Latina news agency, Peru would have stopped recognizing Scull at the end of Guaidó’s term at the head of the Venezuelan National Assembly.

Scull told the Peruvian media ‘La República’ that the Foreign Ministry had informed him on Friday that the Peruvian government would “restore diplomatic relations with the regime of Nicolás Maduro”.

“I told them that we regretted this decision because to be on the side of Nicolás Maduro means to be on the side of the oppressor and not the side of the oppressed. It means to be on the side of the perpetrator and not the victim. I say this because Peru has been a very forceful voice since calling for the human rights of Venezuelans to be respected, ”he said.

On the other hand, Venezuela welcomes the appointment of former member of the ruling Peru Libre party Richard Freddy Rojas as the Andean country’s new ambassador in Caracas.

Rojas, previously turned down as ambassador by the Panamanian government, served as spokesman for Peruvian President Pedro Castillo’s party and is a confidante of the formation’s leader, Vladimir Cerrón.

According to the Peruvian broadcaster RPP, Rojas was recently opened by the public prosecutor’s office as an investigation into money laundering for allegedly illegal funding of the Peru Libre election campaign. Specifically, the public prosecutor’s office indicates that the designated Peruvian ambassador in Caracas has withdrawn money to hand it over to Cerrón.

Indeed, on Friday, Cerrón commented on the announcements made by the new ambassadors, stressing that Peru Libre welcomes “the resumption of diplomatic relations” between Peru and Venezuela.

“It is historically always united countries that North American imperialism tried to split. For a forever united Latin America,” he wrote in a message on his Twitter profile.

The Peruvian government issued a statement following the announcement of the appointment of new ambassadors, stressing that the decision “responds to the development of the Venezuelan political process” and to the “mutual recognition as legitimate interlocutors that the government and the platform for unity have”. granted each other. Venezuela “, in relation to the dialogue in Mexico City.

“The re-establishment of the Embassy of Peru in Caracas will enable us to better serve our fellow residents, to seek a solution to the humanitarian situation of the Venezuelan citizens in Peru and to accompany the efforts of the Venezuelan people with the support of the international community. solve their problems sovereignly and in accordance with the hemispherical principles of protecting and promoting human rights and defending democracy, “he added.

The resumption of relations follows a recent unscheduled meeting between Castillo and Maduro at the CELAC Summit of Heads of State in Mexico.

Peruvian Foreign Minister Óscar Maúrtua had to attend a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Peruvian Congress to explain the meeting of leaders, which was criticized by the Peruvian opposition.

In 2017, former Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski withdrew his ambassador from Caracas and expelled the Venezuelan ambassador from Lima to promote the Lima Group. This meant a break in the ties between the countries at this level.

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