Pedro Castillo leads the elections in Peru with all the minutes processed

Peru highlights Argentina for designating Castillo as an “elected president” before all of the minutes were processed

In 100 percent of the proceedings, the left candidate for Peru Libre, Pedro Castillo, leads the presidential election in Peru with 50.19 percent of the vote, ahead of his rival, the conservative Popular Force, Keiko Fujimori, who holds 49.80 percent of the vote.

The National Office of Electoral Process (ONPE) has processed all election papers and it remains to be seen until the Special Election Jury (JNE) dismantles the observed recordings in order to achieve 100 percent of the recorded records that will provide the final results of these elections. So far, 99.3 percent have been identified.

Pedro Castillo leads the elections in Peru with all the minutes processed
Pedro Castillo leads the elections in Peru with all the minutes processed

The difference between the two candidates is nearly 70,000 votes as Castillo has so far received 8,807,249 votes while Fujimori has received 8,740,491 votes.

The boss of ONPE, Piero Corvetto, celebrated this “first big milestone in the result calculation” and thanked the ONPE team for the “safe, calm, clean and transparent choice, as we promised”.

After several days in which the two contenders kept very even intervals of only a few tens of thousands of votes and Castillo had already declared himself the winner, Fujimori insisted on his social networks this Thursday that “the elections have not ended” and that they carry on from Fuerza Popular “to defend the legitimate rights of millions of Peruvians until the final vote.

The news was accompanied by a letter signed by 17 former presidents of Spain and Latin America stating that the results were so close that “they did not allow us to determine which candidate was the winner”. It is necessary that the challenges both presented are resolved by the electoral authorities.

Likewise, Fujimori’s announcement that 200,000 votes would be nullified for “irregularities” was answered by the President of Peru, Francisco Sagasti, who argued that “there is no justification” for using the word “fraud” in the second round Elections, according to Agencia Andina.

From Peru Libre, they have been rejecting the election fraud promoted by Fuerza Popular for days. The party’s vice-presidency candidate Dina Boluarte claimed Thursday that the claim that it was a “systematic fraud” was “a totally wrong situation,” according to La República.

A few hours before all processed minutes are available, some prominent Latin American leaders congratulated Castillo on his election results and even the Argentine President Alberto Fernández has referred to Castillo as “the elected President of Peru” without the results being available.

Fernández said he communicated with the leader of Peru Libre that Thursday and expressed his “wish” that they unite “for Latin America”. “I celebrate that the dear Peruvian people look to the future with democracy and institutional strength,” said the Argentine President on Twitter.

Before saying these words, the Peruvian Foreign Ministry responded by sending the Argentine ambassador to the Andean country a note stating “that the final results of the 2021 parliamentary elections have not yet been announced by the electoral authorities of our country”, it says in a message.

Another president who turned to the Peruvian was the former president of Brazil, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, who sent a message in the same direction as Fernández. “I would like to congratulate Pedro Castillo on the important victory in Peru and welcome the Peruvian people for free and democratic elections,” he said on his Twitter account. “The result of the Peruvian ballot box is symbolic and represents a further step forward in the popular struggle in our beloved Latin America,” he added.

The President of Bolivia, Luis Arce, wanted to join the congratulations as soon as the processed records became known and also called Castillo “presidential election”. “Bolivia joins the celebration of the Peruvian people and congratulates Brother Pedro Castillo, President-elect of # Peru, a country with which we share history and culture,” he said on the social network.

The former senator of Colombia, Piedad Córdoba, also had a few words for Castillo. “All of our support and assistance so that the historical and social debts with an ethnic and popular Peru are settled,” he also said through the same social network.

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