Pavillion Hub and 22nd Century Racing Series

How Blockchain technology continues to advance to infiltrate and improve the video game sectorSeveral platforms seem to have caught your attention.

Cointelegraph reported earlier this month Pavilion Hub, Developed by GOATi Entertainment and supported by Phantasma Blockchainthat is integrated into the video game platform steam. In this way, developers can easily integrate elements of the blockchain platform into games that they launch on Steam.

But what is the user experience like for gamers? I spent some time with the system and its simulation game Racing series of the 22nd century (22 races), find out.

Better remember, it’s beta

Pavillion Hub and 22nd Century Racing Series
Pavillion Hub and 22nd Century Racing Series

The first thing to keep in mind is that Both the platform and the video game are still in active developmentand the currently available versions are mostly beta products. This means that Not all functions are still active and occasional malfunctions can occur.

With this warning, let’s dive right into the Pavilion Hub.

Enter the Pavilion Hub

The platform can be accessed via a stand-alone application for PC or a web browser interface. You can also connect to your Steam account, which will fill your video game library with titles that have already been purchased through the platform.

Once connected to the Pavillion Hub, you can access the store, your game library, license inventory and in-game items to a non-consumable token trading market or NFTs. Future updates will bring community functions and the opportunity to participate in esport tournaments.

The store currently enables the purchase of GOATi tokens for use within the platformand a range of licenses and game items for 22 Racing. These are grouped together in a store dedicated to the video game. This is a huge advantage if the platform contains hundreds of games, each with multiple NFTs.

With driver’s license

There are Two game licenses available as NFTs for 22 races, a $ 1.50 Pit Pass Edition offering vehicle manufacturer access and tutorial / hands-on racing, plus the full 24/7 edition for $ 50.

This more or less corresponds to a new AAA game for the PCand it may seem like a lot for a beta version of a game, but it shows GOATi’s ambitious title intentions.

Licenses receive different rewards depending on their age. Once the game starts, users will receive additional free tickets to esport competitions.

Since this is an NFT, The license can also be sold on the market when it is no longer needed, possibly with a higher price in the future due to the purchase date and reward status.

Return to the street

The video game consists of a race through different pipes. You can use the walls and even the roof of the tunnels, but be careful as there are cracks and open sections that you can fly out of.

In some advanced levels, it runs outside of the tubes, but I still haven’t made it.

The game claims to be based on physics: The aerodynamics of a Formula 1 car seem to give it enough power to reverse at speed, and the speed is plentiful.

You have gas … and a boost … and a reduction in drag … and even a nuclear plasma boost moving forward at ever increasing speeds. Some of them need to be recharged before use. This can be accomplished by “grabbing” sections of the course and driving through bonus sections that you (or your teammates) can draw.

For an essentially futuristic wipeout racing gameThere is a lot of that. However, the races are surprisingly accessible as soon as you take his hand. But before, You will spin around the tunnel like mad and pray to the gods of the game that there is no gap. Trust what i say.

construction time

The other element of the game is that Construction and modification of cars. By purchasing the parts packages, you can modify your vehicle according to your wishes. You get five pieces at random in a $ 3 package. You can use it to modify your vehicle.

A manufacturer’s license will shortly allow players to reprint modified cars as individual NFTs. In the same way, With a scrapper license, players can split existing cars into individual parts.

Like everything else in the game, The NFT of complete vehicles and individual parts can be commercialized on the market.

If you’re not a fan of bounty boxes and the full revelation is here – I am not, you’ll see this as shameless fan washing for extra money. So every car consists of twenty-five individual parts You could spend a literal fortune procuring enough parts to build a custom car from scratch.

Of course, once you do this Could you sell the car at a good price?. The most expensive complete NFT vehicle currently on the market costs more than $ 5,700. However, keep in mind that this is a rare pre-season model rather than a self-made vehicle.

Don’t listen to Scrooge

However, my problems with reward box systems in general have nothing to do with it You do not have to buy parts packages to enjoy the game.

More than anything, 22 Racer is an example of the possibilities of blockchain technology behind the pavilion hub.

The fact that You can make money in the real world by launching and changing the objects of the video game It will be the main feature that attracts players to this platform.

If you can use Pavillion Hub to buy and play the Steam game collection but actually own and trade the things you find and manufacture, then you have a compelling reason to completely ignore the Steam platform.

You can even sell the licenses you no longer want, provided you find a buyer.

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