Participatory financing platform Housers joined the Cibeles Manifesto as part of Madrid Capital Fintech

Housers is a participatory financing platform in Southern Europe and It has joined the Cibeles Manifesto, which was signed as part of Madrid Capital Fintech and is funded by the Madrid City Council and the Ecofin Forum. This was reported to the company Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement.

The Cibeles Manifesto is an initiative that tries to think about the moment the fintech ecosystem is in and contribute ideas for the best development of the sector, which translate into concrete solutions for creating synergies, which help to gain access to finance and support cooperation between companies and the world of startups.

According to the statement Housers and other fintech companies (Aplázame, Bnext, Creditea, Finizens, Life.Box, N26, October, Tesoriza and Woonivers) are committed to making Madrid a fintech hub that drives initiatives and projects, as is already the case in other European cities, so that these companies do not have to leave Spain.

Participatory financing platform Housers joined the Cibeles Manifesto as part of Madrid Capital Fintech
Participatory financing platform Housers joined the Cibeles Manifesto as part of Madrid Capital Fintech

“”The Cibeles Manifesto proposes to broaden the culture of open collaborationPromoting cyber security and legislative and regulatory improvements as fundamental axes to support the fintech industry. The signatories to the manifesto are demanding approval of the regulatory sandbox, which is really operational to speed up access to finance, to ensure legal certainty in a stable legal framework, and to approve a regulation that affirms that all companies are under the same rules of the game, ”it said in the statement.

On the other hand, The signatory companies also require supervisory authorities such as the CNMV or the Bank of Spain to have more personnel and technical equipment and ask them to react quickly to new innovations and needs in this industry.

“In the long term, all of these companies will work towards creating a fintech university that will serve as a pillar for developing active strategies that attract national and international talent, and to foster a global network of fintech capital that provides competitive advantage to entrepreneurs and direct resources and help in a more effective way, “they also stressed in the statement.

Juan Antonio Balcázar, CEO of Housers, said:

“We are joining the Cibeles Manifesto to promote the fintech ecosystem in Madrid, make the capital a benchmark in the Spanish and European fintech sector, and ultimately accelerate the arrival and final implementation of future financial services. We thank the Madrid City Council for the sensitivity and vision to create this hub in Madrid. We humbly believe that Housers, as a company that launched a crowdfunding model unpublished in Spain five years ago and that we have successfully managed, can make a major contribution to the development of new, disruptive fintech models. “

About Housers

Housers is a fintech platform for crowdfunding and crowdlending projects who works in southern Europe. It is presented as a participatory financing platform that democratizes investments in business projects, both real estate and corporate or renewable energies.

It has more than 122,000 users from more than 155 different nationalities and an investment volume in all types of projects, which is managed via its platform (Real Estate, Corporate and Green) and exceeds 116 million euros, with a weighted average return of 8.70 % with a return of 47.8 million euros, more than 41.3% of the total amount in terms of capital and interest.

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