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Participate in the Latin American Hackathon seeking solutions for COVID-19 in the region

April 1, 2020

The event invites civil society to develop ideas from their homes that help solve the multiple problems caused by the coronavirus in Latin America.

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Inspired by the Hackathon #WirVsVirus that took place in Germany, 12 social innovators, leaders and representatives of six organizations, such as: Social Lab, Impact HUB, Seedstars,, Yunus Youth and Banca de Inversión Sostenible, are working remotely to implement #CadaDiaCuentaHackathon which invites civil society to develop ideas from their homes to help solve the multiple problems caused by COVID-19 in Latin America.

Participate in the Latin American Hackathon seeking solutions for COVID-19 in the regionParticipate in the Latin American Hackathon seeking solutions for COVID-19 in the region

“The initiators of the Hackathon are social entrepreneurs from 6 organizations with headquarters throughout Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina. The synergy that we are achieving in just one week is what we seek to replicate during the Hackathon, so that the projects that are generate the greatest possible impact and benefit the entire region, “said Sofia Chapiro, Marketing Director at Yunus Youth.

This initiative will become a great virtual session, in which many minds will come together to contribute solutions and create prototypes of them in record time. This format offers a common organizational and technical framework in which participants can engage online and develop working prototypes and solution approaches, under an open innovation platform for socially relevant issues regarding the COVID-19 crisis.

Until today, April 1, all the citizens of Latin America have time to present their first ideas to the most pressing challenges, according to their point of view, on a website that currently has more than 120 ideas and that grows daily.

Among the questions they seek to solve are:

  • How can we develop respirators at home?
  • How can we help informal grocers and vendors who live day to day to sustain their lives in the COVID-19 crisis?
  • How do we design a network to improve the distribution of aid to those most in need?

If you do not have a clear idea it does not matter, anyone who wants to participate and has internet access can do so.

These organizations also aim to channel the efforts of different leading entities in the region that are identifying initiatives that will serve to overcome the problems derived from the current pandemic.

It is expected to generate innovative and high-impact projects to contribute to mitigating the serious consequences of COVID-19 for Latin America by supporting citizens during and after the pandemic. Thanks to the accompaniment of professional mentors in each country, the ideas will be developed within just 48 hours and then be implemented, scalable or replicable at the regional level. These solutions may become more directly accelerated in a second stage with the support of different allies.

The scope of this initiative is all of Latin America. In addition, they have local direct support teams in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Haiti and Mexico in more than 20 different cities.

If you want to participate, enter the official website of the Hackathon . Remember that you have until today to do it.

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