Parliament says presidential election is a “victory” for Syria

The Syrian parliament claims that the presidential election in May, in which President Bashar al-Assad won a new term in office without a dissenting vote, was a “victory” for the country, the Syrian state news agency FURY reported.

The members of the body dominated by Al Assad’s Ba’ath have pointed out that the elections reflected “the people’s adherence to national principles and their belief in the process of modernization and development” in the country.

They also stressed that “external media campaigns and deception have not been able to influence the positions and path of the Syrian people” while advocating “intensification of work and unity” in the next phase.

Parliament says presidential election is a “victory” for Syria
Parliament says presidential election is a “victory” for Syria

Al-Assad won a fourth term at the helm of the country plunged into war for more than a decade after defeating two little-known candidates after the veto process left out opponents, most of whom are in exile.

With this in mind, Nasr al Hariri, President of the National Coalition for the Forces of the Opposition and the Syrian Revolution (CNFORS), the main opposition coalition abroad, called last week’s presidential election a “despicable farce”.

“The regime’s actions will only increase the determination of the people to continue the revolution until the criminal Al Assad is brought to justice for his crimes,” he said through his account on the social network Twitter, where he stressed that the president “the Took control of power and maintained it through crime. “

With this triumph, which a large part of the international community has already announced not to recognize, Al Assad has remained President of Syria since 2000. The results this time are higher than those achieved in 2014, when he achieved 88 by. interspersed a hundred votes.

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