Parler opens up the space for free expression through its NFT platform

The Parler social network, which was embroiled in various controversies during the year, such as the service company’s banning of Amazon Web Services, the involvement of its users in the organization, and the break-in of the January 6th congressional session; has announced that it will add projects available through decentralized technology to its portfolio by introducing a platform to acquire NFT.

As stated in their press release, despite the wave of negativity that has brought them the focus of public attention as a conservative social network and support for the former â ???? President Donald Trump, on the other hand, wants the platform to offer its users the opportunity to express themselves freely in their speeches and without censorship obstacles. With this idea as an attraction for digital artists, users have the opportunity to get the maximum benefit from these ideals in the space available through their platform. For this they have hired a team of veterans in the region who will take responsibility for maintaining and executing the offer through the implementation of the blockchain tools.

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Parler opens up the space for free expression through its NFT platform
Parler opens up the space for free expression through its NFT platform

The social network’s proposal is based on the recognition that the phenomenon of the NFT has achieved great returns, and that the benefits are not just for the digital artists who no longer need physical galleries to showcase themselves and show their talent through theirs artistic work, but also for the platforms responsible for storing these revolutionary art forms. In this way, we were able to determine that, despite charging a 2.5% commission for every sale made on the platform, OpenSea reached the $ 79 million milestone by offering a platform with the sale of digital assets. Â Â

With this movement, Parler joins participation in Web 3.0, where they say they would demonstrate their commitment to providing spaces on social networks given the innovation that the NFT market allows, and also advises that I am in with continue to expand its operating portfolio to focus on the variety of tools enabled by assets related to the decentralized sector. The signs of this commitment are particularly noticeable in the introduction and offer through the development of the NFT, the first digital work to come from a member of the White House.

Despite the narrative that can be adopted by big tech companies and the government that created the social network, they categorize that they will continue the build-up necessary to make NFTs act as a bridge between the creativity of the communities and the nature and the In this context, Executive Director George Farmes stated:

Entry into the NFT room is perfect for Parler, we have the experience, technical skills and the necessary credentials to achieve this (…) Never before have companies tried the social importance that we have in Parler to do as much damage as big tech has done, and we as a company want to be the first to embrace and drive the Web 3.0 movement by offering to own what they say, and not the company, for that they say it.

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