PancakeSwap, the Star-DEX from Binance Smart Chain

PancakeSwap has a large number of interesting services that are intended to offer its users different investment opportunities, each with different investment incentives. Among the options that PancakeSwap offers us we can find:

Liquidity pools

Liquidity pools or liquidity pools are nothing more than rooms that are generated so that users can block their cryptocurrencies and offer them to third parties as a medium of exchange. The idea is simple, a liquidity pool is based on a smart contract controlled by the DEX, and this has the ability to merge two cryptocurrencies that serve as an exchange pair within the DEX.

Thus, anyone who wishes to participate can inject liquidity into the pools by entering more cryptocurrencies in pairs (as specified by this pool) and in exchange for them Any change made in this pool will generate a reward that can be used to add more liquidity or to withdraw from the system.

PancakeSwap, the Star-DEX from Binance Smart Chain
PancakeSwap, the Star-DEX from Binance Smart Chain

This system uses PancakeSwap to have liquidity in exchanges and is the main means of using and monetizing this platform. This is possible because PancakeSwap rewards liquidity providers with a token called FLIP, which can then be used to add more liquidity or use it in other services on the platform. The name of this LP service on PancakeSwap is called Syrup.

Income farming

Another service within PancakeSwap is that of Yield Farming, which allows us to receive rewards for adding tokens to the platform that will later be used by various services. Like the LP, PancakSwap rewards the farmers with CAKE tokens.


Another service within PancakeSwap is the lottery. The system generates a lottery every 6 hours with a pot drawn, which can range from $ 100 to $ 200,000.. The idea is that users who want to participate purchase a ticket worth 10 CAKE. The lot is self-generated and contains a total of 4 sets of numbers (i.e. a total of 6 numbers), which you can win based on what appears when the drawing is carried out. A strange point is that the total of the prizes is 50% of the accumulated amount as the rest (CAKE token) is burned, which reduces the issuance of the token and increases its value.

Predictions (beta)

A new service within PancakeSwap is Predictions. The idea is to predict what the future price of the BNB token will be. The forecast periods are 5 minutes and those who are correct with their forecast can gain up to x2.5 on the investment. .KdOdiZepOJag


Another service within PancakeSwap relates to the world of NFT collectibles.. The idea is to make PancakeSwap a Binance integrated market for buying and selling NFT. That way, you can buy, save, and exchange NFT to make a profit for them.

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