Pakistani train death toll rises to over 60

The number of victims in the railway accident in southeastern Pakistan on Monday morning is more than 60 dead and around a hundred injured, as the authorities of the Central Asian country confirmed on Tuesday.

The death toll currently stands at 62, although authorities expect an increase in the next few hours as several of the injured are in critical condition, according to Pakistani television broadcaster Geo TV.

The incident occurred after the derailment of several Millat Express wagons, which the Sir Syed Express later crashed into. Currently, the causes of the event that occurred near the city of Ghotki in Sindh Province are unknown.

Pakistani train death toll rises to over 60
Pakistani train death toll rises to over 60

The rescue operations have also ended after the trains have been removed from the tracks with a total of 17 affected wagons, so that a slower resumption of service can be expected in the next few hours.

Railway Minister Azam Suati has expressed his willingness to resign if this will benefit the victims’ families and promised to “find who is responsible for the accident”.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Jan said he was “shocked and appalled” by the incident on Monday and ordered a “comprehensive” investigation into the safety deficiencies in the country’s rail network. Accidents of this type are common in Pakistan, where the tracks laid a century ago have hardly been improved.

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