Pablo Iglesias’ absurdities in economic matters

Pablo Iglesias, leader of the Spanish political party Podemos, has a recipe for his country’s economy. It is not uncommon for an opposition party to propose a change. In fact, it is healthy. There is no perfect system and reforms are necessary. It is up to politicians to participate in the public debate on ideas and suggestions on behalf of citizens. After all that Politicians are running for public office. And it is basically the agenda of the politicians that is implemented by the institutions. Basically, all ideas are valid in the discussion. But if a politician suggests setting the ship on fire to tackle the rat problem and there are people who welcome it, there is no other option than to put your hands on your head. The misfortune! We are talking about the absurdities of Pablo Iglesias.

It is one thing to propose a change. And it is quite different to propose an apocalyptic catastrophe as a solution. Radical reform measures can be proposed. But to argue that the cure for the disease is a lethal injection means to go to the height of things. It is true that there are innovative proposals that, despite the associated risks, still offer a chance for success. Of course, there are measures that involve victims. Of course there are necessary reforms, but they are too ambitious and are very misunderstood by the political and civil classes. But in the case of the economic recipe proposed by Pablo Iglesias, they are bullshit. And the saddest thing is that they are not even original nonsense. You are the same old nonsense from an outdated left that refuses to learn from the past.

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Pablo Iglesias’ absurdities in economic matters
Pablo Iglesias’ absurdities in economic matters

A recipe that has been implemented thousands of times with the same shameful problems. Thousands of mistakes and no success. A recipe that failed at different times, in different countries, and in different settings. It’s crazy in theory and practice. In other words, guaranteed failure with an academic, anecdotal and experimental stamp. In other words, Pablo Iglesias’ economic proposal is to jump out of a 100-story building. While everyone is shouting, “Don’t do it,” he claims to be Superman. Will he be successful? Or is he just another madman who will soon discover the law of gravity?

What does our genius suggest? How can you pretend to fly through the sky? Leave the euro, suspend payment of debts, devalue the currency and nationalize banking.

Here we have the cloak, the insignia, the boots and the belt. Here we analyze the flight of the steel man in the style of a film. I mean, in the form of mental exercise, We will pretend that Pablo is the Spanish Prime Minister, and finally he has received political support to implement his foolishness. In other words, the man received his dream and now it is up to him to implement his vision for the country. The moment of truth. It’s on the edge of the abyss, 100 stories high, and our brand new hero bends his knees. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 to fly …

Iglesias chooses the irresponsible option to pay off the debt. That means it won’t pay for it. It’s as simple as that. It will solve the debts with a large default. And it will ironically justify its actions by appealing to morality. Kind of like not having to pay unfair debts. It’s not a very elegant solution, but technically it solves the debt problem. It’s a cheek but goodbye debt. Apparently Pablo is a genius in accounting. Eliminated liabilities with a giant eraser in minutes. And his followers will greet him for this deed, because that makes him the hero of the oppressed.

This aggression will of course cause a reaction. The governance crisis will be inevitable. In other words, the opposition is being radicalized. The private sector is polarized. Society is divided. Creditors will start litigation before international courts. And financial institutions around the world will condemn this fact by bashing Spain’s reputation. This means that not even Mandrake, the magician, wants to lend money to Spain again.

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