Outdoor Restaurants in CDMX: This is how the permanent program works, allowing furniture to be placed on public streets

As part of an effort to contain the Covid-19 pandemic while the economy reactivates, the Mexico City Economic Development Secretariat (Sedeco) announced that registration will begin on May 7, so that the owners of Restaurants Join the program “Open Air City”. This will enable them Place fixed structures and removable furniture on public roads as long as they correspond to the measures specified in the plan.

April 30th Jose Merino, Owner of Digital agency for public innovation ((ONE DIP), confirmed the program is here to stay in the Mexican capital. He stated that beforehand the beginning of the rainy seasonIt is important that the facilities have furniture so that guests can eat outside without exposure to the weather.

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Outdoor Restaurants in CDMX: This is how the permanent program works, allowing furniture to be placed on public streets
Outdoor Restaurants in CDMX: This is how the permanent program works, allowing furniture to be placed on public streets

For his part, Fadlala Akabani Hneide, Owner of Sedeco, indicated that the program “Open Air City” made possible “Combine public health with economic reactivation in a sector that has a total of 44,159 facilities in the city, according to the National Statistical Directory of Economic Entities (DENUE).”.

“We currently have a total of 25,000 672 restaurant business establishments that have already posted their opening announcements in SIAPEM. They can be immediate beneficiaries of the program by simply downloading their permission to put equipment in the same system.”added the official.

ADIP reported 18,000 establishments with space for Place objects on patios and public roads. As the Open Air City program becomes permanent, it is expected that this number will at least increase 25 thousand companies.

Restaurateurs can Registration from Friday, May 7th on the official website of Electronic system of notices and commercial authorizations: www.siapem.cdmx.gob.mx

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This is how open-air restaurants work

Starting May 15, registered facilities will be able to place removable devices on public roads and install fixed structures such as light awnings on sidewalks, platforms, fixed barriers or protective shields when devices are in a parking lane above the vehicle flow.

The premises must also ensure the protection of the customer physical and signage barriers. They must leave a pedestrian crossing at least one meter wide on sidewalks.

Prepared food businesses should also adhere to the following measures:

  • The number of tables outside cannot exceed 75% of the tables available in the store.
  • The tables must be 1.5 meters apart.
  • You cannot smoke inside, while outside you have to allocate an exclusive place for those who want to.
  • The restaurants can provide service until 11 p.m. outdoors and at 10 p.m. indoors.

Also, the tables must have one Design and colors that adapt to that of the business and the urban image of the colony, city or neighborhood. In case of Historical centerThe colors can be: navy blue, forest green, coffee, terracotta and wine, as indicated in the citizen’s manual for the maintenance of the historic center. On Historical monuments or adjacent, the facilities must have the approval of INAH.

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