Otho Network is launching Otho portfolio, exchange and SmartPay for buyers and dealers.

We all love comfort and want to feel comfortable in everything we want to do. In the world of cryptography, the same comfort is desired for Cryptocurrency lovers. So, I present you Otho Network.

Understanding the Otho Network:

This is a global platform configured with the aim of creating ease and comfort for the operating conditions of those who use cryptocurrency for different transactions. It is open to buyers and merchants to enable them to access the platform and make transactions in an affordable and comfortable way of operation and cost. The comfort itself does not have to be so expensive before it is appreciated or appreciated, although it is what the world wants us to believe, but with the Otho network, the difference is clear, comfort is affordable.

Otho Network is launching Otho portfolio, exchange and SmartPay for buyers and dealers.
Otho Network is launching Otho portfolio, exchange and SmartPay for buyers and dealers.

What then is Otho network?

Otho Network, in addition to the description given above, is a platform that gives users who are primarily encryption owners to have the access to order online and pay them without losing the value of the exchange. As a result, the sponsorship rate of online stores will increase in favor of the recipient and the recipient.

The intended or potential user will have a wallet created for him in that sense, while the merchant, on the other hand, will have extra value. The transaction in the Otho Network is done in three ways, each varying from the other as follows;

1. Web Payments

2. E-commerce and

3. Cryptocurrencies

For more details, please visit: http://otho.network/

Other benefits of Otho Network:

There is satisfaction for both parties; the merchant and the customers.

The merchant will enjoy full freedom on the platform or the network to make a decision on the method of payment through the mobile application while customers can also experience peace in their business by not carrying the physical wallet as a result of the mobile wallet created in the phone and also experiencing the easiest way to shop.

It has three different characteristics, as in the image below:

1. The exchange of Otho in which the coins can be exchanged between each other or the currency.

2. The Otho mobile wallet, which is a multifunctional wallet and

3. Otho SmartPay, which is intended and responsible for full payment on the network. This allows traders to make trades via Cryptocurrencies without fear.


In summary: The Otho network offers all cryptocurrency owners the opportunity to have all their transactions done under a single network where you will experience peace of mind.

For that to happen, I’m inviting you to join the team to succeed.

For more details and clarifications, log on to https://twitter.com/Otho_Network

And the official website at: http://otho.network/

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