Oscar Pistorius Is Bruised in Prison Brawl

Some South African news reports said other prisoners thought Mr. Pistorius spent too much time on the shared telephone.

The reported brawl came less than two weeks after the Supreme Court of Appeal more than doubled the jail term a lower court had imposed on Mr. Pistorius for the killing of Ms. Steenkamp, a model who had a law degree.

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Oscar Pistorius Is Bruised in Prison Brawl
Oscar Pistorius Is Bruised in Prison Brawl

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The case has drawn abiding attention in South Africa and internationally. Mr. Pistorius and Ms. Steenkamp had been dating for only a few months, but they were a celebrity couple, embodying glamour and, in Mr. Pistorius’s case, an ability to prevail over physical hardship. The hearings also touched on questions of race and violence against women — perennial, troubling themes in South Africa.

Mr. Pistorius denied committing murder, saying he opened fire through a locked bathroom door at his home in Pretoria in the early hours of Feb. 14, 2013, in the belief that an intruder had entered the building, only to discover that he had shot and killed Ms. Steenkamp. The prosecution maintained that he had opened fire in a jealous rage after an argument.

Initially, a High Court judge found him guilty of the South African equivalent of manslaughter, but the prosecution appealed and the conviction was changed to murder. He was initially jailed in July 2016 for six years, a sentence that the prosecution appealed as “shockingly lenient.”

Last month, after a further appeal, his prison term was more than doubled. He now has more than 13 years left to serve. The judges who heard the appeal said the initial sentence was “shockingly lenient, to a point where it has the effect of trivializing this serious offense.”

The written ruling found that Mr. Pistorius “displays a lack of remorse and does not appreciate the gravity of his actions.”

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