Orban’s party is also leaving the European People’s Party

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party has announced its final break with the bloc to the European People’s Party (EPP) weeks after its MPs pushed their departure from the ethnic group in the European Parliament to create a new conservative alliance.

Fidesz Vice-President and Hungarian Family Minister Katalin Novak shared on Twitter the letter that sent her training to the General Secretary of the PSA, Antonio López-Istúriz, stating that “she no longer wants to maintain her membership” and therefore he resigns according to the statutes.

Orban’s party is also leaving the European People’s Party
Orban’s party is also leaving the European People’s Party

“It’s time to say goodbye,” said Kovak, publicly unveiling a letter that EPP sources have confirmed to Europa Press and that they have already received.

The EPP had already suspended Fidesz membership in 2019 due to the attacks against the European Commission, in particular against the then President of the Community Executive, Jean-Claude Juncker. Since then, Orban’s party has had no voting rights and has been unable to propose any candidates.

Earlier this month, the Hungarian government announced the resignation of twelve Fidesz members of the national minority in the European Parliament after the European Parliament approved a rule change to facilitate the expulsion of those formations that deviate from the principles and values ​​of the EPP.

After the Orban MPs left the “ethnic group” in the European Parliament, the European party opened a formal act to also investigate their expulsion from this body, although the decision could not be dealt with if it was not dealt with in a general assembly, something that the pandemic context made impossible for the moment.

Orban used this break to criticize the EPP and to work for the formation of a new group that brings together, for example, those who “do not like immigrants” or “have LGTBI dementia”. The Hungarian leader believes that the popular left are listed.

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