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Optimize communication with your team over long distances

May 4, 2020

It’s not just about technology. To work optimally with virtual teams, you need to improve the way you interact with your employees. Here are four recommendations

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Optimize communication with your team over long distancesOptimize communication with your team over long distances

Welcome to the third installment of “s Monday with Chivas Regal”. We know that the context of the work as we knew it was redrawn. Therefore, this time we present you four recommendations to optimize work from afar.

Despite the fact that the technology has enabled remote work teams to become a reality, the challenge of remote talent management remains to be overcome. To achieve this successfully, certain techniques must be implemented that aim to improve communication with your team.

“When you send operations out of the traditional office, there are a number of fears and doubts about people working,” says psychologist Marc Ehrlich. “Honesty is on the side of trust. We have to work hard to build trust relationships with the team, and as leaders, we have to learn to let go. “

How much can I tell the team? Trust is earned, says the specialist. “We need to be sure that we give the team the skills, tools, and facilities to get the job done, and trust that they will. Over the days and weeks, we have to let people do what they have to do. “

We present four recommendations to optimize your team’s work.

  • Be empathetic. When employees work at home for the first time, it can be daunting to leave their normal routine in their workplaces. Therefore, companies have to ensure that employees feel supported, cared for and safe, says SAP SuccessFactors in Mexico.
  • Define an internal communication strategy. Hays Mexico, a professional recruitment specialist, recommends establishing a frequent communication strategy with your team. For his part, Javier Campos Stivalet, vice president and general manager of the Wadhwani Foundation, recommends making five-minute “coffee calls” to start the conversation and keep the team together.
    Regular conversations allow you to capture the team’s pulse and concerns, and set common goals while defining the skills each member must provide to the team to achieve goals.
  • Promoting responsibility. SAP SuccessFactors notices that work dynamics change while the communication channels are open. Managers should give their employees a sense of ownership of their projects to make the best decisions when they are not physically working with the rest of the team.
  • Promotion of knowledge exchange. Take into account the different strengths and skills of your team and promote a culture of knowledge exchange. Just because they are not all in the same room does not mean that one of your employees cannot create a webinar, podcast or PDF on a specific topic. This will help unite your team and encourage them to appreciate each other’s value and purpose, Hays recommends.

Don’t forget that you also need to find technological solutions like video calls and instant messaging. The suggestion of using a virtual space and tools to share documents is key to better long-distance cohesion.

These are recommendations that and Chivas Regal will give you, share this note on social networks, and tell us how to organize your home office days.

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