Opposition deputies and rebel ‘tories’ prepare a legal action in case Johnson does not ask for the extension to the EU


Opposition deputies and rebel 'tories' are preparing legal action to face an eventual scenario in which British Prime Minister Boris Johnson refuses to ask the European Union to postpone the date of entry into force of Brexit, as has BBC informed.

The law that forces Johnson to request an extension from the European Union in case it fails to approve the agreement on Brexit has already been approved by Parliament and is awaiting ratification with the signature of Queen Elizabeth II this Monday.

Opposition deputies and rebel ‘tories’ prepare a legal action in case Johnson does not ask for the extension to the EU
Opposition deputies and rebel ‘tories’ prepare a legal action in case Johnson does not ask for the extension to the EU

However, in the opposition ranks they fear that the 'premier' ignores the rule and does not request a postponement of Brexit before October 31, which would lead to the exit of the country from the community block without a prior agreement with Brussels.

Given that Johnson said this week that he would rather “be dead in a ditch” rather than requesting an extension to the European Union, opposition deputies and the 'tories' who this week have skipped voting discipline and supported blocking a Brexit without agreement have assembled a legal team and are willing to go to court to force the head of the British Government to request the postponement.

The law that prevents Brexit without agreement, which completed its processing on Friday with the approval in the House of Lords, states that the Prime Minister will have to request a postponement of Brexit from the European Union until January if by October 19 the Parliament has not approved an agreement to exit the community block.

Although the Government has said that it will comply with the rule, Johnson has indicated that the rule forces him “in theory” to write to Brussels to request the extension.

The newspaper 'The Telegraph' has reported that the prime minister has said that asking for another postponement of Brexit is something that he “will never” do, which has led some ministers to think that he might be thinking of seeking some legal loophole to avoid obey the law.

In the event that Johnson tries to disregard the rule, the prime minister could be denounced in court by opposing deputies and rebel 'tories', causing even more division within the Conservative Party.

According to the BBC, Johnson could consider resigning with the ultimate goal of returning to power without having requested the extension. The maneuver would consist in resigning the job, asking the queen to appoint the Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn, as prime minister, who would be in charge of requesting the postponement of Brexit, so that the Conservative Party then presented a motion of censure that leads to the call Early elections. However, there is no guarantee that Isabel II will appoint Corbyn head of government if the deputies propose another more suitable candidate for a parliamentary majority.

There is also another possible scenario, in which Johnson would approve a rule that would basically consist of calling elections without having to comply with the Parliamentary Fixed Term Law, which would only require the support of a simple majority in the House of Commons. This route would have the difficulty that the rule can be amended, which could lead to a change in the date of the elections. If Johnson were able to call elections before October 19, he could revoke the law that blocks Brexit without a pact.

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