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Ophelia Pastrana, the influencer who promotes diversity

October 27, 2020

As an entrepreneur, Ophelia never had the conflict over how to tell her boss she was trans? So most of your complications come from being a woman.

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Ophelia Pastrana, the influencer who promotes diversity
Ophelia Pastrana, the influencer who promotes diversity

Video: Diana May Trejo

Mauricio Francisco had a perfect life “According to the book”, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physics at the age of 21, completed his master’s degree in econometrics, got married, started a company, and made a million dollar business in his sophomore year. All of the above before age 26. He later bought an apartment in Santa Fe, his company became famous, it had very big brands … and he wanted to commit suicide.

Why? Because as a man, he learned not to communicate and to keep things to himself until he made the transition at the age of 28 and started living as a Ophelia Pastrana, Influencer, Youtuber, Comedian (from Comedy Central), does theater and improvisation, is a presenter and does science and technology analyzes. “I have had a lot of strange careers and I’ve done a lot of strange things in my life,” he says.

Ophelia ensures that your company fits into the industry Lifestyle business;; In other words, it monetizes their “wherever it takes me” lifestyle. Although this business model has its limits because it cannot be cloned or outsourced, her art is more important to her than what she earns for it. Still figuring out how to monetize it with ease. “

The goal of his business is to do things that have an impact, “that make me smile, make videos, do comedy … do things that serve other Ophelias or me, or that I want to consume, and those are things that are not taught when people are told: Run a company! “

Being a woman is programmed wrong

As an entrepreneur, Ophelia never had the conflict over how to tell her boss she was trans? So most of your complications come from being a woman. “There are many things that are badly programmed in women’s lives.” For example, you’ve heard things like, “It’s good that you come and present this great project, if we want it, when is your partner coming to sign?”

There is much to disarm about machismos for this trans-entrepreneur in Mexico, and she lists a number of situations that appear to be poorly programmed.
Among other things, the culture of not giving women the female position of the job title, as engineers instead of engineers when we are talking about a woman. “People cling to defending the man as ruler,” he says.

In addition, nobody should ask where women are in this or that profession. “There are more women than men in Mexico. It would also be good to ask: “And where are the men in the women’s rooms … no?”

Another point is that companies think of massive products and therefore should consider women in their production, otherwise they would make products for men and deny access to the majority of Mexico’s residents.

Regarding the labor market for the LGTB + community, Ophelia points out that discrimination in Mexico costs $ 430 million if an employer fires a person for being gay if they can do their job perfectly. “Discrimination is paid for and inclusion is not, it is completely free.”

Despite the advances made by women in various sectors of the economy, the entrepreneur recognizes that creating teams for women in areas such as video games, music or cooking is always a challenge. “It’s strange, it’s like women suddenly disappear for some reason, it’s like women suddenly disappear and now we live on an alien planet where the vast majority of people are men because there are many women, who are supposed to grow up that they can’t be what they want ”.

For Ophelia today it is important to find and create rooms for sisterhood. “Let’s send the hell out of all of these systems that are over there, breaking things we don’t like, and we want to have our own party here and maybe here if we can shape things, and I give it a lot of light and give give her a lot of encouragement and a lot of impulse. to women’s groups that do things, “he concludes.