Onyze closes an investment round of 250,000 euros

The start Onyze, which provides custody and infrastructure services for digital assets (such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies), has closed a round of financing of € 250,000, in which private investors from the fields of banking, technology and law participated. This was reported by the company from Spain to Cointelegraph in Spanish.

Onyze is based in Madrid and has developed a technology that enables its clients (including mutual funds, banks and various types of fintech companies) to build their own services and products based on digital assets.

Ángel Luis Quesada, CEO and co-founder of Onyze, said:

“Our goal is to enable companies to deliver digital assets like Bitcoin in their service portfolio without causing headaches for their product teams.”

Onyze closes an investment round of 250,000 euros
Onyze closes an investment round of 250,000 euros

On the other hand, Álvaro Alcañiz, co-founder of Onyze, commented:

“Currently, many companies are taking a step into the world of crypto assets to meet the high demand for crypto services that has arisen among their customers due to the high level of uncertainty caused by the global crisis in Covid. Companies, who are looking for collateral providers; they are contrasted and have a great deal of know-how from the crypto world, and this is where Onyze is found for us. “

Growth plan

The company has a growth plan in which the opening of other European countries is considered to be very tight. And where the introduction of new services that complement the current business proposal plays a key role in accelerating the Onyze business model.

Eneko Knörr, third founding member of Onyze, remarked:

“The market potential has multiplied in recent months as the emergence of new businesses such as DeFi (Decentralized Finance for the acronym in English), taking into account the number of large companies, ensures a promising future in the industry for companies entering it in the past few months . “

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